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Addon Survival Guns 1.16.200
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Addon Survival Guns 1.16.200

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If you want to see all your enemies in Minecraft PE dead, instead of fooling around with weak swords and axes, we recommend you to try serious guns against which they will have no chance. Addon Survival Guns brings ten kinds of 3D guns, each of them having special effects.

Features of addon Survival Guns

If you are playing in Survival, you definitely need strong weapons. The guns brought by this addon are very serious and each of them has fantastic effects. These guns are:
  • The Nail Gun. By using this gun, you will provoke medium damage
  • The Wither Gun. You can use this gun to shoot wither skulls at your enemies
  • The TNT Gun. You can use this gun to shoot TNTs at your enemies
  • The Ray Gun. By using this gun, you will provoke medium damage
  • The Portal Gun. By using this gun, you will spawn two portals
  • The Mining Gun. This gun is meant to break blocks
  • The Gravity Gun. This gun gives levitation effects
  • The Grappling Gun. This gun is meant to send you with a projectile
  • The Freezing Gun. This gun gives slowness effects
  • The Flamethrower Gun. This gun is able to set anything on fire

Addon Survival Guns 1.16.200

Below the article, there is a video trailer. You can watch it if you want to see how all these guns work and if you want to try them, click on the download button.
Note that you can download this addon for free and you can use it with other addons. The only condition is to have installed Minecraft PE 1.16.200 or a later Minecraft PE version.
Because we already understood that you are fascinated by guns, we also recommend you try Addon Laser Guns and Addon 3d Laser Guns.
For other cool game-related articles with free download buttons, visit our website and share your favorite ones with your friends. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Addon Survival Guns

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