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Addon Transmorfer 1.16.100
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Addon Transmorfer 1.16.100

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Addon Transmorfer brings a very complex tool that is able to carry out a lot of tasks, for example transforming certain materials into others, more valuable ones (soul into soul sand, grass into mycelium, etc).

How does addon Transmorfer work

To make sure you can use this addon, first of all, you should install Minecraft PE 1.16.100 or a later game version and enable the Holiday Creator Features toggle. Further, you can start learning about the fantastic new machinery called the Transformer.
Below you can see how the Transformer looks like.
Addon Transmorfer 1.16.100

To make it work, you will need a mode charger which works as a remote control for turning the block on and off, clear or colored lenses (depending on the set task, the machine can also work without lenses), and blaze powder which should be used as fuel to charge the machine.

To modify the Transformer’s range, you should interact with its backside.

In the picture below, you can see how the ranges are shown

A layer on top of the Transformer displays the lenses mode

On the left, you will see either a red light or a green one. The red light means that the Transformer is deactivated and the green one means that it’s on.

The right side of the machine displays the load level
On top of the Transformer, there is a magenta bar. It shows the blaze powder level.

As you can see, the Transformer is not a simple machine at all, so let’s see how it works.
First of all, you should be very careful not to break it (it may explode) and not to let anything fall on top of it. When it is activated and it shoots, make sure you are not standing in front of the ray.
The Transformer’s max range is sixteen blocks, but initially, it is set at four blocks. If you want to, you can modify the range by interacting with the machine’s backside.
When the Transformer works without lenses, it can burn logs, turn stones into ashes, create ash stones from ashes and cobblestones, melt ice, make concrete powder from concrete, saplings from dead bushes, and more.
When it is used with clear lenses, the Transformer: makes the colored wool and carpets white, transforms colored glass and terracotta into white glass and terracotta, black stone and end stone into cobblestone, soul blocks into simple blocks, red sand and soul sand into normal sand, and slimes into honey.

When it is used with colored lenses, the Transformer: turns normal sand into soul sand, grass into mycelium, cobblestones into end stones, normal torches, and lanterns into soul sand torches and lanterns.
You will also discover one more machine, this one being less functional, but still very interesting. It is called the Freezer. As its name suggests, it freezes water. It is also able to transform normal and packed ice into blue ice.

Below you can see the crafting recipes for all the necessary details.

If you want to try this addon and the possibilities it provides, click on the download button below, share the article with your friends, and leave feedback.
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