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Addon Dharkcraft Clothes 1.16.100
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Addon Dharkcraft Clothes 1.16.100

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Let’s imagine we are at a carnival and we can choose any kind of costume we want to wear in order to feel fabulous and impress our friends. Addon Dharkcraft Clothes gives us the possibility to craft and wear hundreds of clothes and accessories.

How does addon Dharkcraft Clothes work

All the clothes brought by this addon can be crafted in the same way as we craft armor.
Addon Dharkcraft Clothes 1.16.100

The clothes can be enchanted.

The glasses, hats, and other accessories cannot be enchanted, but they are meant to complete our player’s look. The king and queen costumes cannot be enchanted either.

As time passes, the clothes will wear out, but there are hundreds more to choose from and replace the old ones.
Below you can see some examples of combinations, but for a more interesting experience, we recommend you try your own combinations. This way you will have a unique look and will make all your friends envy you for your appearance.

We are very curious to find out what clothes did you choose to wear today, so huskinsrry and click the download button and leave feedback.
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For other cool mods and skins, visit our website. Here you will also find the latest game updates. Minecraft PE 1.16.220 is the newest full version, but stay tuned, because very soon we will publish an article about an even newer beta that contains a very long list of useful bug fixes. Have fun!

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