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Addon In Silence 1.16
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Addon In Silence 1.16

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Have you ever tried the “In Silence” game with your friends? If you did, you might be curious to see what it’s like to have two of the monsters from this game in your Bedrock world. Addon In Silence brings Rat and Rake to make your gaming life more challenging.

Features of addon In Silence

By installing this addon, you will have Rake and Rat from the In Silence horror game spawn in your MCPE world.
Rake will mainly spawn in forests. It prefers to attack during the night time. This ugly creature has a health of forty and an attack damage of ten.
Addon In Silence 1.16

Rat is a weaker creature and it also looks prettier than Rake. It can spawn in any biome. Rat has a health of four and an attack damage of four.

If you are not afraid to invite the above-described monsters into your cozy MCPE world, make sure you have installed one of the latest game versions (for example Minecraft PE 1.16) and click on the download button.
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