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Addon SERP Pokédrock 1.16
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Addon SERP Pokédrock 1.16

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Addon SERP Pokédrock is an absolute must-try for all the Pokemon fans because it brings not only more than twenty of the most popular ones, but also many interesting activities and features that will make your adventure fun and interesting.

How does addon SERP Pokédrock work

Of course, the most interesting and important feature of this addon is the apparition of a multitude of pokemons in your gaming world. There are more than twenty of them, including Mewtwo and Articuno that are considered rare pokemons and are very difficult to capture. Don’t expect the pokemons to spawn all at once. As the Pokedex says, they will appear one by one in different biomes (according to their characteristics)
Addon SERP Pokédrock 1.16

Initially, all the pokemons are wild but you can catch them so they can evolve and grow to protect you. For this, you will need pokeballs. Pokeballs are made using apricorns. These are ordinary fruit, but if you use mulch, they will drop special fruit that is necessary to craft different kinds of pokeballs.

Mulch recipe

When caught, a pokemon will produce cute star-shaped particles as shown in the picture below.

You may need the mulch to make other kind of fruit grows faster too. These fruits can be used to craft special potions and a kind of candies that will make your pokemons evolve faster in the future.

We recommend you check the mines in your world too because there you will find a very special mineral dropping four kinds of evolutionary stones when broken. Note that some of the pokemons are mad about certain stones.

To obtain different items, you can trade with the slot machine and the PC.

In exchange, you will have to pay money, but we guarantee this is worth it because some items obtained like this will help you craft trainer cards that are necessary when interacting with a pokemon healing center (in case your pokemon needs medical help).
trainer cards recipe

To learn how to craft such a healing center, look at the pictures below.

The mentioned-above cards can also help you obtain access to the PC storage (see pictures below)

By wandering around the world, you will also detect various objects lying on the ground. Break them to obtain surprises that will be helpful in your Pokemon adventure too.

If you need a ride, you can always ride your Pokemon, but for this, you will need a pokeride that can be obtained from the PC (for money)

Everything would be nice and peaceful with all these pokemons and new possibilities, but be careful when you meet team rocket. If these guys notice that you are aggressive towards them, they may spawn an evil pokemon to kill you.

If you have the time and desire to try this fantastic addon, click on the download button below the article, share it with other players who also like Pokemons, and leave feedback.
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