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Addon Vampire Craft 1.16.100
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Addon Vampire Craft 1.16.100

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If you are not afraid of vampires, we invite you to try Addon Vampire Craft for Minecraft PE. This addon brings creepy creatures and a big number of interesting new items, but most importantly, it gives the opportunity to transform into a vampire sucking blood!

Features of addon Vampire Craft

If you want to feel what it’s like to be a real vampire, you should know the following things:
  1. First, you will have to go through stage 1 and transform into a vampire of the first level. For this, interact with a ritual table. After this, you can attack villagers and village cows and collect their blood.
    Addon Vampire Craft 1.16.100

  2. The second stage is becoming a second level bloodsucker. This is more complicated. You have to achieve first level, take the heart from a village inhabitant and interact with it with the same table.
  3. If you want to become a vampire of the third level, you should kill a dark salesman (look for it in black woods which is a new biome during the night time) and using a golden tooth, do the same as in the previous stages (we will find information on all these items further in the article)
  4. To achieve the stage of the mightiest vampire, kill the queen/king of vampires (look for them in nether strongholds), collect the soul into a soul collector, and follow the steps mentioned in the previous levels.

If you want to attack a mob, fall in love with it and interact no matter what your stage is.

To obtain a mob’s heart, you have to a) be a vampire and b) interact with your victim holding an iron sword.

When bitten, the victims transform into their vampire variants too.
The cows attack like the ordinary ones but look different (see picture below).

The villagers transform as shown below and they attack during the nighttime with a damage of six. They will attack not only players but also weak vampires. These transformed villagers have a health of sixty.

The Dark Salesman you will have to destroy to become a vampire of the third level is a boss but it starts attacking only when he is bothered. He can hit in two ways: either normally with an attack damage of five or by shooting fireballs. If you are lucky to kill it, it will drop a golden tooth.

There is one more character brought by this addon: Lumberjack. He kills vampires using an axe and has a life of ninety and an attack damage of nine. The lumberjack can be found in black woods.

The new biome you will discover by installing this addon is the Black woods. There are no animals living there but instead, it hosts a lot of hostile mobs wandering around during the nighttime.

The addon also brings many new items:
Alijavas that are decorative and can be brought from a priest

Cassocks that are decorative and can be brought from a priest

Dispenser for collecting souls

Golden tooth that is dropped by the Dark Salesman and used to become a vampire of the third level

Coins that are used for trading with a hunter

Heart of villager

Vampire teeth

Ritual table.

Blood. You can consume it because it is pretty nutritious.

Quarter of Bottle with blood

Half of Bottle with blood

Three quarters of Bottle with blood

Full Bottle with Blood

Each of the following blood bottles gives more nutrition and the last one even gives instant health, but only for five seconds.
Weak Vampire potion.

Ordinary Vampire Potion.

Powerful Vampire Potion.

In the main menu, you will find addition information on how to use this addon.

If you are ready to try the addon we described in the text above, install Minecraft PE 1.16.100 or any of the other later game versions, and click on the download button.
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