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Addon RayTools 1.16.100
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Addon RayTools 1.16.100

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If you like playing in Survival, in RPG maps, and with other players in PVP maps, we are sure you will find Addon RayTools very useful, because it brings many cool ores, tools, and of course weapons to defeat your enemies.

Features of addon RayTools


The Dragon Weapon can attack in two different ways:
The first one is to make it summon evocation fangs and a circle of dragon breath able to kill all the nearby mobs. When consumed in this way, the dragon weapon gives you an empty weapon back. You can refill it by placing this weapon and three blaze powders on the crafting table. Upon usage, the dragon weapon also drops diamonds, emeralds, or tanzanite.
Addon RayTools 1.16.100

The second way to attack using the dragon weapon is to attack a single mob and this way all the other ones around it will suffer too. This works only when the dragon weapon is empty.

The Thunder Weapon summons a circle around the player and when this circle is held, it can provoke up to five thunders at the same time. Naturally, no mob can survive such an attack.

The Fire Weapon summons fire in the direction the player looks at

The Mega Fire Weapon works like the previously-mentioned one, but its fire is stronger

The Ultimate Fire Weapon summons a very strong fire in the direction the player looks at, killing any mob on its way instantly

The TNT Launcher

The Evocation Weapon can give you the power to summon evocation fangs that will surround you

The Shulker Weapon throws shulker bullets

The Wither Weapon throws wither skulls


Both ores can be found deeper than the fourteenth layer.


Jade Pickaxe
Tanzanite Pickaxe
Mining Destroyer

If you want to download this addon, watch the video trailer and click on the buttons below it.
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Video Trailer of Addon RayTools

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