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Addon Terraria Bedrock 1.16
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Addon Terraria Bedrock 1.16

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Terraria is a very popular action-adventure computer game. Thanks to Addon Terraria Bedrock, you can introduce an incredible number of features specific to the original game into your Minecraft PE world. They include weapons, tools, mobs, and even biomes.

Features of addon Terraria Bedrock

Like we already mentioned, this addon brings a lot of stuff from the Terraria game. These things are:
  • A lot of different swords including Blood Butcherers, Zombie Arms, and Lead Swords
  • A lot of different axes including Meteorite Axes, Lead Axes, and Hellstone Axes
  • A lot of different armors, starting with the Tin Armor and ending in Hellstone Armor
  • Three kinds of awesome boomerangs
  • Throwable simple and poisoned knifes
  • Many different guns known from Terraria
  • Explosives including grenades, dynamite, and bombs. They can only be obtained as chest loot or by trading with one of the NPCs (we will talk about the NPCs later)
  • A lot of different pickaxes starting with bone pickaxes and ending in Deathbringing pickaxes
  • Many useful accessories including depth meters, and enchanted mirrors

In this addon, you will also detect that all the MCPE vanilla biomes are replaced by new ones, specific to Terraria (see pictures below)
Addon Terraria Bedrock 1.16

The addon also brings many new mobs and bosses from the original Terraria game. The most dangerous are:
The Demon Eye Monsters
The Soul Eaters
The Devourers
The Slime Kings

The Skeletrons

The World Eaters

In this addon, you can also mine an incredible number of various valuable ores including copper, ruby, and hellstone ores

Another valuable thing brought by this addon are the coins. They can be dropped by the above-listed mobs when you kill them and you can use the coins when trading with the NPCs

Finally, it is time to find out who the NPCs are:

The Weapon Dealers. From these NPCs you can obtain musket balls, flint lock pistols, torches, healing potions, and miniature sharks
The Merchants. By trading with them, you can get copper swords and pickaxes, torches and healing potions
The Nurses. Trade with them to get healing potions
The Demolitionists sell bombs, grenades, and dynamites
Do you want to try this fantastic addon? If you do, hurry and click on the download button below this article, share it with other MCPE users, and leave feedback.
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