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Addon Loot Bags 1.16.100
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Addon Loot Bags 1.16.100

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Would you like to obtain a lot of valuable stuff like armor, chains, weapons of different quality? This is easy thanks to Addon Loot Bags.

How does addon Loot Bags work

There are five levels of loot bags brought by this addon. They can be obtained by exploring different structures or by killing mobs.
The loot bag levels are:
  • Common loot bag level which drops leather gear
  • Uncommon loot bag level which drops golden gear
  • Rare loot bag level which drops chain gear
  • Epic loot bag level which drops iron gear
  • Legendary loot bag level which drops diamond gear

Addon Loot Bags 1.16.100

If you want to transform the dropped items from a lower loot bag level into a higher one, combine the four lower ones together.
This way you can obtain leather, golden, chain, iron, and diamond ores, fishing rods, weapons, armor, and other things.
To get a better idea of how this addon works, we recommend you to watch the video trailer below the article before clicking on the download button.
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Video Trailer of Addon Loot Bags

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