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Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE, just like Minecraft PE is a beta version, this meaning that the builds created in it might be slightly unstable (comparing to those created in full versions) and that your access to Realms and non-beta players is forbidden while trying it. Anyway, we recommend you to check it because it brings a very long list of useful changes and updates.

Vanilla Parity in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Now the players will be able to place the chains in such a way that they can be aligned in a horizontal position
  • The generation of ceilings and floors is exactly as in the Java edition of the game
  • Now you will be able to tame striders together with their riders
  • Now the piglins will drop their inventory not only when being killed, but also when they get zombified
  • If you succeed to kill a Piglin Brute, it will drop twenty XP now
  • The piglins will keep their equipment after being zombified
  • The items meant for barters from Piglins are just like in the Java edition of the game now
  • Ice and snow does not melt from soul fire anymore
  • The soul campfires produce a more serious damage comparing to custom campfires
  • The bug making Zombie Piglins float in the air on top of the striders when riding them was fixed
  • You will detect that warped fungus can grow not only in warped woods, but also in crimson woods
  • After barters, the piglins won’t drop brick blocks anymore
  • Starting with this beta, baby hoglins and zombies will drop items when being killed too
  • Piglin Brutes will be attacked by Wither Skeletons and the Hoglins will be attacked by iron golems starting with the present beta

  • The bug not letting flee from Respawning anchors was fixed
  • Now you can use lanterns under the water and they won’t get affected by water blocks, even when you place them above the lanterns

  • Zoglins will now heal thanks to the Harming effect and vice versa
  • The chests in Ruined Nether Portals might contain more than one single slice of glistening melon pieces
  • You will see that the Zombified piglins riding striders have warped fungus on sticks in their hands
  • The piglin brutes, just like in the Java, do not hold gold axes anymore
  • Now you can use nether sprout in a composter

  • Starting with this update, only the chests from the bastion remnants might contain soul speed enchants
  • The netherite armor will not lose its durability if the player stands on a magma block anymore
  • When mined, the soul campfires will be droping soul soil
  • The strider’s health is like the one in the Java edition
  • The piglins will be able to equip a lot of new things now including different mob heads, elytra and more
  • The piglin brutes won’t become aggressive in case some blocks are being destroyed but they will attack you as soon as they see you.
  • The graphical issue making items held by baby zombie piglins look incorrect was fixed
  • Now you can use quick crafting pistons on crimson planks. This is available for the warped planks too
  • Piglins can be found in nether wastes from now on, even in peaceful game mode

In addition to the vanilla parity updates, the MCPE developers did a great job at removing three serious game crashes that used to occur when:
  • The Minecraft PE player enters the world in a sleeping state
  • Killing a Guardian
  • Killing the Elder Guardian
  • Using fireworks for propelling elytras

Unfortunately, there were a lot of issues related to the game graphics and technical aspect of the game detected, but the developers succeeded to fix them all. Moreover, they introduced several updates to make the loading screen tips, main menu, maps, and loading screen tips look better than before.
If you are ready to check this great beta version, make a copy of your existing MCPE world (to prevent losing it), and click on the download button below the video trailer.
Be generous and share the news about the update with all your friends, and leave feedback.
Follow our website and you will always be the first to find out about the latest game versions and about the most popular maps, textures, and other MCPE-related novelties. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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