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Minecraft PE

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There are only several days until autumn and we are all going to be busier, but now, to take advantage of the last summer days, let us explore the features of the new game update which is Minecraft Bedrock
Because this is not a full version, your access to Realms and to players using full versions won’t be possible while trying it, so you’d better warn your friends about this. Also, remember to back up your existing builds before installing the beta in order to prevent losing them.
And now let’s see what’s new about this version:

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Starting with this beta version, when placing Slime blocks above water or lava, their textures will be visible
  • When placing Honey blocks above water or lava, their textures will be visible
  • When looking for a position to exist the End, The gateways will count the distance to the central block properly
  • Everything is going to grow better when next to chunk borders

  • The wrong calculation of the chunk’s position for block modifications happening each time the structure block window is accessed was resolved

  • The bug affecting the ticking blocks that are next to the chunks when a structure is either loading or saving was removed
  • A bug that used to affect the Reset button in certain situations was resolved

  • The mechanism that takes the decision to either an entity should be summoned was corrected. This bug used to prevent us from summoning entities
  • with command /execute
    Another error affecting the particles whenever animation controllers were used was fixed.

Dear friends, as you see, there are not very many changes, but each of them is important to one or another category of players. If you want to try this beta, click on the download button below the trailer, share the good news with all your friends, and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

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