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Minecraft PE

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To be frank, we were a little surprised by the small list size of Minecraft PE and but here we are with a great version with many useful fixes and even a very cool new Nether mob! So let’s welcome the new Minecraft PE beta version and find out what it is about.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

Like we already told you, there are a lot of fixes but first, we will tell you about the new mob because we are sure you are very curious. So, this is Piglin Brute, which is similar to the Piglins but stronger. They can be found in Bastion remnants and their target is to protect the treasures hidden there. Brute Piglins are less coward than the ordinary ones and player s won’t be able to distract their attention with gold items. Regardless of the player’s skin, they will attack him/her on sight with an axe. Brute Piglins do not wear armor.

And now it is time to find out about the rest of the changes:
  • The maximal spawn radius of all the mobs is forty-four blocks now
  • Walls will now connect properly to trapdoors and glass blocks
  • Squids, dolphins and other aquatic creatures now spawn in bubble columns
  • In case you break a furnace, it will now drop the stored xp from the smelting
  • If the block below a stem block is destroyed, it will break too
  • The bonemeal won’t consume in case it is used on flowers or other plants but nothing grows
  • After half of the entire health bar is consumed, the bar won’t deplate to zero
  • When pushing slime blocks with pistons, they will launch the players properly now
  • The soul campfires will now have a proper light level
  • You will hear a specific sound now when climbing vines
  • You will hear specific sounds every time you step on crimson or warped
  • In peaceful game mode, hoglins won’t attack players in case they are standing too close to them
  • The bug making wolves disappear every time they return to the overworld using a Nether portal was fixed
  • Items made from netherite will no longer bounce on top of the lava
  • You will hear a specific sound every time when you put on a netherite armor
  • New sounds for the Zoglins
  • When looking at a Piglin, you will not see the “Open” tooltip anymore
  • The Piglin’s arms textures and behavior was modified and improved
  • In case a piglin admires a gold ingot and you manage to kill it while it is at this, it will drop the gold ingot
  • You won’t be able to create quartz blocks using pillar quartz blocks and chiseled quartz blocks anymore
  • You won’t be able to create quartz bricks from anything but quartz blocks now
  • Piglins won’t be able to collect full gold stacks now
  • Each time you will return from other dimension, the boss bar will appear
  • Husks prefer iron armor now instead of chain armor
  • You won’t be able to interact with Piglin babies anymore

These are the main changes you will discover by installing Minecraft Bedrock, but please do not forget that it is not a full version, thus your access to non-beta players and to Realms is still forbidden.
If you like the features brought by this update, share the news with your MCPE friends and leave feedback.
Visit our website and you will also discover dozens of cool mods, maps and other game-related surprises. Have a great time!

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