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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Dear subscribers, as we promised you, by visiting our website regularly, you will always be among the first to install and explore the freshest game updates. Here is the latest one which is Minecraft PE
Please do not forget to make copies of your existing worlds and to prevent your friends who use full game versions that you will miss them while trying the present beta. And one more detail before getting to the features: the builds created in this beta cannot be accessed using earlier game versions, so we recommend you to back up your worlds if you decide to return to one of them later.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the list of fixes is not as long as in Minecraft PE and other Nether Update betas, but since they are making our gameplay smoother and nicer, we are happily welcoming them.
  • The issue that did not let players join Dedicated Servers was removed
  • Worlds that have a fixed version defined will not have the new blocks and biomes freshly introduced into the Nether generated in them
  • The problem making entities from chunks lose their data every time the chunk was loaded was resolved
  • Starting with this beta, cured zombie villagers will be able to breed
  • Path-finding mobs can successfully end their path now
  • Rabbits can hop normally now
  • When descending from a very high altitude, you will notice that the broken textures have been fixed
  • When the user operates with fake players with scoreboard, their functions won’t give any more content log errors
  • The playsounds that contain numbers have been fixed
  • An issue connected to the minecraft:knockback_roar was fixed
  • The content that uses the MCPE player in its base pack swims normally now.

This is all you can discover by installing the present beta version. To do this, use the download button below the article, share the news with your friends, and leave feedback.
Follow us and in addition to the latest updates, you can try dozens of cool maps, texture packs, and mods. Have a great time!

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