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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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After Minecraft PE released last week, the MCPE developers have a new beta for us to explore: Minecraft PE You are probably confused about the fact that they skipped, but let us assure you that this is an absolutely normal fact in regards to MCPE beta versions.
Before enlisting its features, we must remind you that you cannot play in Realms and with players who use full game versions while playing in a beta and that the beta builds are usually not very stable comparing to the ones made in full versions.

General changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Like always, the MCPE developers had to fix crashes, this time more of them:
  • A crash happening when the player chooses to play in survival mode and when he/she crafted 64 honey blocks from the recipes book
  • A crash happening when equipping Netherite armor
  • A crash happening when a mob’s state changes

Download beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Android (Nether Update)

Besides the crashes, the developers along with the Minecraft PE players detected more lags, bugs, and other problems that had to be fixed too:
  • A serious lag linked to the navigation walk occurring when a flying entity hits the ground was resolved.
  • The loading screens have been updated and improved
  • The issue affecting the Xbox One users when they try to access the marketplace was resolved
  • The loading characters reliability was improved
  • The issue about characters getting lost whenever the player is not online was resolved
  • The issue that did not allow achievements from being unlocked is certain situations were resolved
  • The hand texture of the player when he/she uses a fishing rod was fixed
  • The issue affecting the Xbox one players making their loading screen to get stuck in the loading state was resolved
  • The issue making the character to disappear when the game is resumed was resolved
  • A few problems affecting the players’ animations when playing in split-screen were resolved
  • The texture of the nether bricks, quartz bricks, and chiseled netherbricks was fixed
  • You will notice that there are less warped forests in the Nether
  • The game credits were improved
  • The bug making shulker boxes disappear after they are dyed was resolved
  • The bug making lava to drop raw food items was resolved
  • Several issues affecting the Nether Respawn Anchor were resolved
  • You can now use XB orbs to shoot in different directions
  • While a piglin admires a golden item, the player won’t be able to interact with it.
  • Bastion remnants no longer host barrier blocks, but the chests found there will always contain loot
  • The sounds accompanying the smithing table, lodestone, chains, weeping and twisting vines, and compass were fixed
  • Twisting and weeping vines were improved and have additional features now
  • Players can use charcoal to craft campfires and soul torches now
  • The silk touch enchant now works on more blocks
  • The player can push chains with a Piston now without breaking them
  • When a Strider carries a baby strider, the baby will freeze when the big one is on land. Their movement speed was also modified
  • The items crafted from netherite will be fire-resistant in all the situations
  • The maximum length of the basalt colums is of ten blocks now
  • All the mobs, except the piglins will prefer to use stone swords now
  • The door textures was improved
  • The player will need a pickaxe to mine lodestones now
  • Players can use shovels made of netherite to extinguish fire
  • To mine soul sand faster, you can use shovels now
  • Bees in an angry state will be slower than before now
  • You can hyphae planks from blocks now

Download beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Android (Nether Update)

By exploring the present beta, you will also discover a lot of fixes and new features regarding the mobs living in the Nether, but we think it will be more interesting for you to discover them individually. One thing we can tell you: you will definitely be pleasantly surprised.
To find out more details about Minecraft PE, watch the video trailer below the article.
Download beta version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition for Android (Nether Update)

Before clicking on the download button, we recommend you to make copies of your exiting MCPE worlds to avoid losing them when launching this beta.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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