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Minecraft PE

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A week passed since the release of Minecraft PE and the MCPE developers already have another one for us to explore. This is Minecraft PE This time they fixed a lot of crashes and fixes, and made some improvements, most of them being related to the scripting engine.
Please keep in mind that this is a beta version, thus while trying it you cannot play in Realms and with your friends who use a full game version and the builds created here might not be as stable as the ones created in full versions. Also, note that you will access the worlds created in only with this or other upcoming game versions. This won’t work with earlier game versions.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

First of all, we will start with the fixes done in regards to the errors detected in the scripting and affecting some add-ons:
  • The “minecraft:shooter” option was totally removed because it was useless.
  • The “minecraft:spawn_entity” option was modified and now it has an internal entity object
  • The “minecraft:behavior.defend_village_target” target now has an additional option
  • The querying of destroyed entities is valid in the script
  • The non-reliable items introduced in the “spawn_item” are considered and shown as an error
  • The “navigation: walk” option applied to all the flying entities was fixed and do not cause lags anymore
  • The documentation on the Spawn Rules is more complex now
  • In case the user provides a non-existing item when using “minecraft: interact” in a “transform_to_item” field, he/she will get an error message.

Besides these fixes, a big number of other problems had to be fixed as well:
  • If the lower part of a door is destroyed, the items hanged on this door will no longer float in the air.
  • The light propagation will now fix the evil mobs spawning
  • The chunks are now loading normally even if the world is of more than 250 Mb
  • The problem making light persist after blocks are changed was resolved
  • The ticking areas cannot be eliminated on the tick they were installed
  • Lightning will now pass between chunk borders
  • Several lighting-related problems occurring on servers were fixed
  • The “smooth camera” was updated and improved
  • In case you die in the End, the screen will not twitch as it did before
  • In case you die in the Nether, the screen will not twitch as it did before
  • Players can now use buckets to collect water from a bubble column
  • When the user casts a fishing rod, it will not get attached to the parrot sitting on his/her shoulder
  • Players can collect sweet berries using a bone meal
  • If the player uses any charge to light a TNT, the charge will be consumed after
  • The player icons are now displayed properly on locator maps
  • The creepers are not going to lose aggro if they lose sight of their targets now
  • The ghast hitbox is now corresponding to its rendering
  • Entities will now be able to hit their targets, even if they are located beneath them
  • The error regarding the Iron Golem’s legs was fixed
  • The fireballs and the experience orbs are now both data-driven
  • So is the NPC animation and geometry
  • The items won’t flash if removed from the furnace
  • If water is close to the glass, they will draw properly now
  • If a custom glint is being added to a compass, its texture will be proper now

Of course, the developers also had to deal with a number crashes occurring during the gameplay, when creating worlds from iOS devices, when leaving a world while particles were present, sometimes when players entered the water and when a mob’s state was changed.
If you want to try this beta, push the button below the video trailer (which we recommend you to watch in order to find out more details), share the news with your Minecraft friends and leave feedback.
Be a loyal Minecraft PE user and follow our website to always be up to date with the latest game versions and with a lot of cool textures, skins, and other interesting downloads. Have a nice and smooth game experience!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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