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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Finally, after more than a week of silence, we have a new Minecraft Bedrock update to explore, and this time this is Minecraft PE It brings no changes, only several important fixes. Of course, the list is not as long as in Minecraft PE, but we still hope you will find it useful.
Please do not forget that is a beta version and thus you will have no possibility to play in Realms and with non-beta users while trying it. If you have any MCPE work in progress, make copies because this version will replace it. And one more thing: keep in mind that the worlds created in the present beta can be opened only in it or in other upcoming versions.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

  • Some crashes occurring during the gameplay were removed
  • The crash that used to happen when the player traveled through –z coordinates was removed
  • The crash that used to happen when the player adjusted some JSON strings in behavior packs was removed
  • The crash that used to happen when the player resumed his/her game on certain devices was removed
  • The crash that used to happen sometimes when working with the Character Creator option was removed
  • The crash that used to happen when a slime has a target but loses it was also removed
  • The issue preventing players from teleporting to nearby chunks was removed
  • The problem regarding chunks loading incorrectly when switching between dimensions was removed
  • The problem regarding Strongholds failing to generate with libraries was removed
  • The problem regarding the ocean monuments not generating with proper interiors was fixed
  • The error making players to teleport under the main island each time they use an End gateaway was resolved
  • The issue making the Pillager patron spawn in random locations was fixed
  • The animation of the Iron Golem was tweaked.
  • The issue not letting the inventories be accessed each time the player rides a mount was fixed.
  • The bug not letting players leash mobs like parrots, dolphins, and others was fixed
  • The problem making invisible a certain checkbox that asked players to accept a resource pack in order to join was resolved.
  • The incorrect Marketplace arrows in the “take a tour” options were fixed
  • The issue making some mobs to freeze every time a component group with a navigation component is removed was fixed.

As you can see from the list above, the fixes provided by are rather interesting and definitely very useful, so watch the video trailer below, hit the download button and start exploring it!
Follow our website to always be up to date with the freshest game versions and leave feedback under the articles that interest you. We also provide daily articles on the most interesting mods, maps and other MCPE-related stuff, so invite your friends and have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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