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Minecraft PE

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Lately, the MCPE versions are being released regularly but the fix lists, even if helpful, are kind of short. This time, we are very proud to present you a beta with a very number of resolved issues. Because you have a lot of reading to do, we will skip the part where we are explaining to you the rules specific to all beta versions, but you can read them in the article about Minecraft in case you are a newcomer.
And now, let us see what’s new in here!

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Not only the players can benefit from this version, but also the addon creators and the map makers because many attacks and targets are now data-driven. So is the tree generation.
And now let’s get back to the issues affecting the game:
  • In case a boat or any mob or block is on top of cacti, it will break
  • If the player is lucky enough to get under the rain, he/she will obtain a Conduit Power
  • All passive mobs are spawning on right blocks
  • Players can put pumpkins directly on the ground, no supportive block is required now.
  • The iron bar item was tweaked
  • When players grow spruce trees, podzol will generate under their branches
  • When someone gets near pufferfish, they inflate
  • All drops will now spin and will look more realistic
  • Using the right-click, the player can remove flowers from pots
  • The players can now use damaged bows to create dispensers
  • Fence gates can now be installed directly on the ground
  • The Elytra can now be used at any speed, this not causing any sound problems. Other Elytra-related issues were also fixed.
  • The explosion will deal damage even underwater now
  • A problem related to the Redstone powder occurring after world conversions was resolved
  • When the player retuns from a different dimension to an actively going on Reid, its bar will be displayed normally.
  • The respawn locations were corrected
  • Players can now swim downwards normally using shift and sneak
  • Casting a fishing rod will not prevent users from running at a fast pace now
  • The problem related to missing text on some Cartography maps was resolved
  • Players transfer from a swimming state to a running state normally now
  • When exploded, TNTs will not drop anything now
  • In case a block falls onto retracted pistons, it won’t break
  • Some Iron Golem spawn-related features were changed
  • There will be no more sliding around and breeding for the sitting mobs
  • The Snow Golem can now shoot snow balls from behind fences
  • The problem not letting cats sleep next to the players on their beds was fixed
  • If a drowned is not equipped with a trident, he won’t be able to drop one upon death
  • The spawning rate of the squids was tweaked
  • The issues making the guardians flow in the air when reaching water was fixed
  • Entering a minecart will not make the mobs shake now
  • During Raids, villagers will not run like crazy in their houses anymore
  • In case there are gaps between stair blocks, little mobs might get trapped in them now.
  • A larger number of biomes host wolves now
  • Fish cannot spawn on flowing waters or on top of ice blocks now
  • The problem not letting Pillager Captains to be hostile was resolved
  • Ghasts getting out without any restriction when the user chooses a Peaceful mode was fixed
  • The navigation of Blazes was corrected
  • Tamed horses now have a proper animation
  • The icon of the unloaded crossbows is displayed properly in the inventory now.
  • The offhand bow and shield’s animations won’t play simultaneously now
  • The color of stained glass in the inventory was improved
  • Absolutely all the loading screen tips are displayed normally now
  • The tooltip suggesting to leave a boat is now normal

In addition to the multitude of changes listed above, the MCPE developers fixed many crashes occurring during the gameplay and some bugs affecting the Character Creator. Some commands also had to be worked on.
If you are ready to explore this fantastic beta, click on the button below, share the news with your friends and leave feedback.
Follow our website for all the upcoming Minecraft PE versions, as well as for the most popular mods, maps, and skins. Have a great time!

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