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Minecraft PE

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We bet you were all impressed by the release of Minecraft PE 1.14.0 which brought so many interesting new features, but, as the statistics show, after the introduction of such an important pack of new features and items, a number of bugs, issues, and crashes are usually detected either by the players or by the MCPE developers. Because the developers care about public opinion and want their customers to have a pleasant experience while playing their favorite game, they tried to fix them as soon as possible. Today we will tell you about the most important ones and you will have the chance to install this beta for better and smoother gameplay.
Before getting started, let us remind you about the fact that because this is a beta version, you won’t be able to join other players that use full game versions and Realms. If you have any work in progress, it will be canceled as soon as you install MCPE so you would better back up your worlds. And also note that the worlds created in this version are not accessible in older Minecraft PE versions, so follow the previous advice and back up your worlds.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time, the developers made a lot of fixes in regards to the new mobs (the bees) and the features related to them but did not ignore the rest of the problems either.

Fixes related to bees:

  • A crash occurring as a cause of certain states of the Honey block

  • Nests spawn in different trees now, this feature already being present in the java edition of the game.
  • Minecraft PE and Java edition now have the same textures for the honey blocks and the same recipe for the honeycombs.
  • Honeycomb blocks now have the same sounds as the stone blocks.
  • When bees pollinate crops, the player will notice green colored particles
  • All the mobs have the same behavior when jumping on top of honey blocks
  • When using a piston, the honey and the slime blocks will not stick together now

  • The time bees spend on looking for a new nest in case all the available ones are busy was reduced
  • If the player risks harvesting honey from the nests (hives) during the nighttime, he/she will be attacked by bees
  • In case of fire, bees will run from their hive as they should
  • In case it rains, bees will hurry to their homes
  • Bees are now able to collect pollen even from flowers growing in the Nether

In addition to the fact that the developers made their best to improve everything related to the new mobs, they also paid a lot of attention to the option introduced in Minecraft PE that is the Character Creator.
  • Models being displayed incorrectly in the Character creator were fixed
  • The UI flickering problem while navigating through the Character Creator menu was removed
  • The transfer of worn items happening suddenly between Characters was canceled
  • More improvement work and tweaks in relation to the Character Creator

Other fixes:

  • When entering or exiting a world, the textures will load faster than before
  • Crash happening when the player pushed a button during the chat user interface animation was fixed
  • Crash happening whenever a crafting table is broken was fixed
  • A problem causing the loading screen to appear incorrect when joining a split-screen was resolved
  • Pillager Patrols are not spawning in End and Nether dimensions anymore
  • A problem inverting the touch screen buttons was resolved
  • The animation of the item held by the player from the first person was fixed
  • Baby pigmen do not hold their swords around their neck anymore. They hold them in their hands.
  • An issue causing the invisibility of chests in some cases was removed
  • The entity geometry-related issue causing custom mob models breakage was fixed

Besides fixing the above-mentioned problems, the MCPE developers also made a big step forward making Minecraft Bedrock feel more like the java edition, for example by making the textures of the slime blocks the same and by modifying the background of the main menu.
As you can see, there is a lot to check and explore in this version, so use your chance to download it right now by clicking on the button below but don’t forget to share the good news with your friends and to leave feedback.
To have even more fun, we recommend you to visit our website where you can discover the latest and most interesting maps, the most useful and cool mods and texture packs that will make your Minecraft PE worlds more attractive. Have a good time!

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