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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Yesterday we gave our fans a little hint about Minecraft PE’s new possibilities in the Addon Skin Editor Unlocker article, namely the creation of the player’s own skin. We are sure you want to find out more about it and the rest of the changes and fixes offered by this version, but first, we have to prevent you about a few details regarding betas.
  1. The worlds created in this beta version will not be accessible in older game versions, so make sure to back up them.
  2. By opening this beta version of the game, your Minecraft work in progress will be replaced by it.
  3. Realms and users using full game version will not be accessible while trying this (or any other) beta.

Now that we know about the main rules regarding beta versions, let’s get to the fun part of our article: the novelties, changes, and fixes!

New features in Minecraft Bedrock

As we already mentioned above, players can create their own skins in MCPE. This feature is called the Minecraft Character Creator.
For now, this new feature can be used by the beta testers, but soon it will be spread to all platforms working on Android and to the new AR game: Minecraft Earth.
The players will be able to choose between dozens of hairstyles, body sizes and shapes, skin colors, eyes, and other body details. Also, there will be more than one hundred accessories to complete the character’s image.
If the MCPE player still wants to use a custom skin, he/she can do it as before.

Besides this great news, the new version also brings several changes and fixes. Here are the main ones:

Changes in Minecraft PE

Of course, there is no version without crash fixes. This time they are regards to the crashes occurring when:
  • The player eats just one food item.
  • The players are attacked by the Elder Guardian.
  • There is an internet connection problem at the same time when the user is downloading some Marketplace packs
  • The player tries to use textures with a traditional sized Cube Map
  • Some more crashes related to the Evocation Fang’s animation, to the unused vanilla textures, to the custom skins, and to the cave spiders were also resolved.

In addition to the crash fixes, the new beta brings more changes and fixes:
  • If the players have the Text-to-speech option enabled on their mobile, tablet or any other device, this option will be auto-enabled within the game too.
  • Skins can roam normally between different devices now
  • Farmer Villagers can now trade suspicious stew
  • Players will be able to create tools now, even if their crafting recipes are missing from the recipe book.
  • Players will be teleported properly after eating Chorus fruit. The fruit also has the right inventory tab again.
  • Improved the sleeping, eating, and sitting animation of many mobs
  • The panda’s animation was corrected
  • The despawning rules regarding the Drawned were modified.
  • Barrier blocks are transmitting the Redstone properly now
  • Fixed regarding the elytra: fixed broken elytra’s texture and gets less durable if used.
  • The problem with scrolling the chat history was resolved.
  • The shades of the clouds were fixed.
  • The flickering user interface when using a split-screen game mode was fixed

To discover all the version’s changes and fixes, download MCPE by using the button below this article and do not forget to share it with all your friends and to leave feedback.
For other, older versions visit our Download Minecraft section. Here you will also find the description and download button for the Minecraft Earth AR game. By continuing to explore our website, you will also be able to install dozens of new maps, mods, textures, and skins. Have fun!

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