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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The beta released last week, that is Minecraft PE, brought many changes and we hope you managed to appreciate their influence on the game because now it is time to learn about other, fresher updates. Today you have the chance to download Minecraft PE Hurry and try it because this way you can be the one who informs other players about it.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Hit the download button below this article, install this update, and you will see that:
  • The Spectator Mode does not prevent water fog from being displayed to spectators
  • Damage does not continue to accumulate when the user swims on top of a bubble column with the trapdoor open
  • Iron golems are not able to attack players when there are walls between
  • Things from the Crafting table cannot be dragged to the unavailable areas around the grids they are located in. This is also available for the Llama, Horse, and other similar inventories
  • Death screen messages are hidden and cannot be seen by the user if the required gamerule is disabled
  • Sweet berries can grow on farmland
  • Bubble columns in MCPE have a different strength than before
  • The dirtpath and farmland collision is not too high
  • Players cannot walk on mud and soulsand without sinking there
  • Players can swim above mud blocks and this will not make the screen glitch
  • Projectiles land on blocks of mud correctly
  • Mobs swim around mud blocks correctly
  • Evoker fangs are to be avoided by ravagers
  • The ravager’s speed and collision box are slightly different
  • Command /summon offers more possibilities

Minecraft PE

The MCPE developers also made several useful technical updates, including new commands and improvements to the existing ones. They also fixed several problems that could prevent the content creator from fulfilling their plans.
Now you know the most important information about the current beta and you can decide what you want to do with it. You can either check the changes by installing it and playing or you can share this article with other users.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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