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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The last two game versions, namely Minecraft PE 1.19.22 and Minecraft PE didn’t quite impress the players because they only brought several bug fixes mainly related to stability. This is why we are very excited to present Minecraft PE to you. You will see that its list of features is longer and they are more interesting to explore.

New features of Minecraft Bedrock

This time the developers of the Mojang team really did a great job. You will notice that they:
  • Improved the Touch Control features greatly. They added a special button that you can use to manage the chosen control schemes, improved the possibilities offered by auto jump, increased the delay period for destroying blocks when disabling the action buttons while using touch input (to minimize the possibility of doing this accidentally), added the possibility to drag inventory items using touch-based gestures, improved the way stacks are splat using these controls, added more Joystick possibilities, and moved the status effects location.
  • Improved the Spectator Mode. Now players using this mode cannot reset the previous level in case they are killed, and do not drop experience orbs.
  • Modified the colors of the grass in several biomes
  • Developed a new death message that you will receive in case you get killed by weapons that are renamed during the game
  • Made the Text Opacity slider influence the color of the backgrounds of the hotbar item texts
  • Made mobs who spawn in ancient cities appear only inside the structure’s boundaries
    Minecraft PE

  • Made the names of the NPCs appear only when looked at
  • Corrected the block behavior when they fall on top of double slabs
  • Added the possibility to sprint diagonally (for the keyboard users)
  • Corrected the way huge fungus stems grow out from nylium
  • Corrected the signal intensity produced by redstone in certain situations
  • Improved the way sticky pistons work, especially when used next to world building borders
  • Corrected the username sizes
  • Corrected the water color on waterlogged blocks in case they are located under other kinds of blocks
  • Fixed screen’s location on Android
  • Made baby villagers take flowers when iron golems offer them
  • Canceled the guardians’ ability to float
  • Improved the way tamed animals follow their owners inside portals
  • Modified the classification of the grove biome and made the villagers spawning there look differently
  • Splat the profile screen into two different categories for an easier use
  • Fixed the achievements in all the world templates
  • Corrected the player’s movement direction when using VR snap camera
  • Made boats travel normally through portals
  • Added new possibilities when using command /loot
  • Improved command /setblockscommand
  • Fixed a crash happening when animated structures are loaded by structure blocks
  • Made several technical updates to make the activity of the content creators easier and more productive

Do you agree that this version is way cooler than the ones released last week? We hope you will enjoy exploring it, especially given the fact that you have the entire weekend to do this.
We guess this version will take more time to check, but if you have any time left before you go back to school or work, we also invite you to try the maps, textures, and other content displayed on our website. Have fun!

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