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Minecraft PE 1.19.20
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Minecraft PE 1.19.20

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The latest beta, namely Minecraft PE, brought several interesting features and the new Minecraft PE 1.19.20 includes them plus all the ones developed for the previously released test game versions. This update will be stable and will allow you to play with your non-beta friends and in Realms.

Main fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

There are several interesting changes that you probably don’t know about if you didn’t check the latest betas, but first, we will enlist the main fixes that will make your gameplay smoother and of better quality:
  • The MCPE world does not crash when interacting with spawn eggs, when searching in many Marketplace departments (in case you are a Nintendo or Xbox user), when destroying entities and using the nether portal simultaneously, extending a piston near items that can move, for example, arrows, and when performing other actions during the gameplay
  • The client state does not desync with the server if the usage of a certain item is being canceled by the player
  • The locate biome command is much better and offers more possibilities
  • The rules of the Wandering Trader’s spawning process are updated
  • Bows and Crossbows work better when the player attempts to shoot arrows and tridents
  • The Wild Update tracks are being played correctly in all the biomes the developers intended it to play in
  • The doors that open access to redstone located in the Ancient City do not fail to open/close
  • Enchantments applied to weapons used by mobs work as they should
  • The generation of sculk features in the Ancient City is modified to match Java
  • Neher Portals that are placed below certain levels do not affect players in ways they should not
  • The scores on the scoreboards are enlisted in a correct order
  • The usage of command /kill on fishing hooks does not make them drop loot
  • Soul Sand activates/deactivates the user’s soul speed normally
  • The health boost effect works correctly and does not cause lags and other issues
  • The orientation of sculls located in Ancient Cities is slightly different
  • Polar bears behave correctly when someone attacks them
  • Gold Armor worn by the player prevents piglins from attacking
  • Boats can be used both by zombie villagers who have jobs and those who don’t
  • Several bugs making bucketed mobs behave incorrectly are fixed
  • Allays behave correctly in relation to their owners and to jukeboxes
  • Allays may collect items with different levels of durability regardless of the held item’s level
  • The fish animation when placed on a single water block is correct
  • Witches spawn correctly in the gaming world
  • The Ender Dragon’s choice of destroyable blocks is reduced
  • Wardens can fall on much more blocks than they could before
  • Hanging mangrove Propagules can drop propagule items only in case they reach full growth and silk touched and they do not change their colors in certain scenarios
  • The names of several blocks sound slightly different than before
  • Fire cannot destroy bells
  • The characteristics of most sculk blocks are updated to match the Java edition
  • The X-ray vision in relation to top snow is correct
  • The user’s assignments is displayed in the toggle perspective hint
  • Portals cannot be used by those players who enable spectator mode

These are not all the fixes, but as we already mentioned, we chose to enlist only those that are really important.
Below you can also see several changes that you may be interested in:
  • The iOS devices support the middle mouse click
  • Zombies have lower chances to destroy doors if the user chooses to play in had difficulty mode
    Minecraft PE 1.19.20

  • Players will have to wait less when connecting to multiplayer sessions
  • Dead mobs and players cannot benefit from effects that can be applied immediately
  • By visiting Basalt Deltas biomes player can enjoy listening to the So Below song
  • The toggle switches in the player’s menu have a better design

Now it is time to download and enjoy this amazing update and share this article about it with other players, but if you want to find out more information about it, you can watch the video trailer first.
In addition to the news coming from the Mojang Studios team, you can also download hundreds of free maps, mods, and other content if you explore our website. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE 1.19.20

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