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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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The previously released beta, namely Minecraft PE, brought benefic changes to Minecraft Bedrock. Minecraft PE will do this game even better because the game developers managed to identify and fix even more bugs and make several modifications to the existing features.

Features of Minecraft Bedrock

Here are the changes you will discover by installing this version:
  • The XP dropped by sculk catalysts was reduced to five
  • Stripped and simple mangrove woods, as well as mangrove logs can serve as ingredients if you want to make Campfires with Charcoal (you will also need charcoal and sticks)
  • The Left button on D-Pads can be used if you want to move your cursor left in the in-game menus without this provoking any issues
  • Sculk Patches generate with a bigger density in ancient city structures and their features are placeable on more types of blocks
    Minecraft PE

  • In Basalt Deltas you can hear new Wild Update music
  • The scoreboards display the scores correctly
  • Playing on overloaded servers does not make the in-game textures change their colors to pink anymore
  • Potions and other effects that work immediately cannot be applied to dead mobs and players anymore
  • Using a nether portal that is located below a certain level does not make players take damage anymore
  • Using command /kill on a fishing hook does not make it drop loot anymore
  • The hitbox of baby mobs with minecraft:behavior/sleep goal looks correct now
  • Bees and Allays do not get stuck in non-full blocks or do it very rarely
  • Wardens can choose to fall up to twenty blocks now
  • Wardens react to more vibrations now and they can detect if a player sneaks on a sculk sensor
  • Allays may collect armor pieces that have different durability from the armor piece they are already holding
  • Soul speed provides acceleration as it should
  • The health boost effect works properly and does not make the player invisible
  • Mobs with y-positions higher than twenty-five load into the gaming world normally, that is like any other mobs
  • Villagers make the correct sounds when trading
  • The orientation of the sculks in Ancient City structures was adjusted
  • The Jukebox and Note Blocks category of sounds located in the game’s settings contain goat sounds

If you are interested in this, you may also discover several technical updates.
Now that you know everything about what this beta brought, you can share this article with other players and try it alone or together with them.
If you want or need to check other, older game versions, you can find them all on our website. Here is where we will publish articles about the upcoming ones too. As a bonus, you can also check our huge collections of maps, mods, and other cool MCPE-related content. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

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