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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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We only finished exploring the spectacular Minecraft PE 1.19.10 released recently (some of us didn’t even manage to do it fully) when the game developers surprised us with another big update called Minecraft PE It also brings many good changes but unlike the previous one, this is a beta.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

When studying the information about a new version, some people focus on exploring only the new features, but in our opinion, the bug fixes should not be ignored either because with their help we can enjoy a better and more stable gameplay. Here is what the developers carried out in this direction:
  • Improved the Spectator Mode by removing the functionality of the emotes, by improving the way the spectator’s head and head accessories (for example hoods) render, by deliting the accessories (for example capes), and by canceling the possibility to use any kinds of portals while in this mode.
  • Removed the crash that used to happen in case a villager decided to switch to another job during the trading process
  • Removed the crash that used to happen in case a piston extended next to one or more movable blocks
  • Reduced the timeout period when joining a multiplayer session
  • Modified the name of Amethyst Blocks and now you will read them as Blocks of Amethysts
  • Corrected the way UI items are hovered over by the players
  • Developed new messages and problem notifications for the Marketplace
  • Fixed the way top snow falls on the user’s head when displayed via x-ray
  • Corrected a couple of minor bugs affecting command /locate biome
  • Improved the behavior of the Allays by making them take and return items to the player even when he/she is in a boat, collecting scaffolding blocks, and looking at their owner when interacting with them.
    Minecraft PE

  • Made bells immune to fire
  • Canceled the sculk catalyst’s function to get covered by veins in case someone dead is on top of it
  • Corrected the sounds made by blooming sculk catalysts
  • Extended the possibility of sculk sensors and now they react to more mobs during their flights
  • Extended the redstone signal range made by sculk sensors
  • Corrected the direction of the vibration particles made by these sensors
  • Canceled the possibility of sensors to detect boats if they do not move on the water
  • Corrected the way the secret doors inside ancient cities work
  • Extended the information given by json entity file and now, besides the information about the damage produced by fire or explosions, it also reveals information about damage provoked by projectiles
  • Corrected the way Add Server saves IPV 6 addresses
  • Removed a problem making lava from buckets vanish when the player fails to empty it into a partial block
  • Corrected the possibility to make items that would have durability using the inventory while playing in Creative mode
  • Corrected the behavior of bees when they are inside non-full blocks. This is also available for the allays.
  • Corrected the behavior of fish when they are placed on water blocks that are isolated
  • Improved the way wolves appear when they are summoned with certain events
  • Corrected the way enchantments work on ranged items used by mobs
  • Corrected the way witches spawn in the gaming world
  • Modified the sounds made by the smithing table when it is used by a villager
  • Reduced the number of blocks that can be broken by the render dragon

Dear subscribers and guests, this is the main information we could share with you, but perhaps you can find out more details if you watch the video below this article.
We do our best to keep you up to date with all the events that have relation to Minecraft Bedrock, so continue following our website. We also provide the opportunity to download free mods, textures, and maps and you can even share them with your friends. Have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft Bedrock

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