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Minecraft PE 1.19.10
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Minecraft PE 1.19.10

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After a long line of beta game versions, the Mojang Team developers finally released a full one that brings all the most interesting changes done lately to the game. Don’t miss Minecraft Bedrock because, in addition to the fact that you will discover a lot of interesting new changes, you will benefit from a smooth and stable gameplay.

Main changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Get ready to discover the following changes affecting:
  • The Allays. Believe it or not, now you can multiply these little flying creatures, and this way you can get way more items from them. For this, you will have to give them amethyst shards. Before duplicating, the allay will make animation hearts and special sounds. You will also see that it starts dancing when a jukebox is nearby but stops immediately when the music is turned off or when it flies further than a certain distance.
    Minecraft PE 1.19.10

  • Command /locate. Now, this command is much more functional than before. You can use it in your chat to locate biomes and structures.
  • The Warden. This fantastic creature gets more and more majestic. Now he can’t be stopped by lava and water when pathing, cannot be pushed when he is busy digging, chases his victims after roaring at them, and can spawn on more types of blocks (even on snow and buttons). Moreover, his special sonic boom becomes stronger and his victims cannot use enchantments to avoid it.
  • The Sculk Blocks. Now the sculk blocks can sense much more vibrations than they did before. You won’t be able to avoid their activation when opening or closing a chest in a boat, consuming milk, collecting snow using buckets, and placing things in an armor stand’s hand. On the other hand, the game developers decided that some vibrations should be avoided by such blocks, so now you can till dirt and grass, interact with carpets, and equipping handled items. The shriekers also suffered several modifications. Now they scan wardens in boxes with fewer blocks, activate again and again when you stand on them, and can activate when sensing players riding entities.
  • The Mangrove Biome Features. Muddy and normal mangrove roots are easier to break now if you use a shovel and an axe (depending on the situation). The propagules were improved and now they make sounds. Several problems that used to affect their growth and existence in MCPE have also been fixed.
  • The Spectator Mode. This new option becomes so interesting that it would be a pity not to try it at least once. Now, while in this mode, you can breathe regardless of your location (even underwater), skip your normal sleeping time so as not to miss any events, and not be affected by projectiles. You will appear as a floating head and your body will be half-transparent. Mind that you cannot trigger raids, be affected by in-game effects, and make sounds when walking, climbing, and performing other actions while using this mode.

Other features:

  • If you are using an iOS device to play, you will detect that now it has support for keyboards and mice connected through Bluetooth. Another good surprise for this category of users is that all the music is already pre-included by default.
  • MCPE crashes less often and it loads with a proper speed even if the experimental features toggle is active.
  • Now you can hear the rest of the players when they equip armor elements
  • The Haste I effect increases the mining speed exactly as it should do
  • Trader llamas have their own, individual spawn eggs
  • Pressing button Jump cannot guarantee that you will jump continuously when using chest boats
  • The Wild Experiment toggle is no longer there. Neither is the Vanilla Experiment one.
  • Mangrove swamps generate with a different density than before
  • Ancient structures contain campgrounds and they generate correctly within
  • Using the nether portal does not affect the behavior of certain mobs or the players
  • Villagers that spawn in mangrove biomes look differently than the rest of the villagers
  • Parrots cannot eat cookies without getting poisoned by them
  • Wandering Traders who need to get rid of the invisibility effect consume milk
  • Piglins do not get aggressive when players break boats with chests near them
  • Wither breaks the obsidian in case it is attacked by a player
  • Frogs lay eggs only in still waters
  • The sounds made by players walking on froglights are slightly different than before
  • Projectiles hitting bells make them ring
  • Amethyst clusters can’t be destroyed if attached to a sculk sensor
  • The Call goat horn sound is different than before
  • Mangrove, warped, and crimson planks can be used to fix wooden tools
  • The Darkness effect works in all the dimensions

Dear friends, even if this is a lot of information, believe us that this is just a small part of everything you are going to discover by trying this update. There are also a lot of bug fixes, improvements made in relation to the Realms and UI, and a lot of technical updates.
If you are ready, hit the download button below and start enjoying this long-awaited release.
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