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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE is a new beta and it contains slightly more features than the previous Minecraft PE In our opinion they are also more interesting to explore, but why don’t you share your thoughts about them after you finish reading the article?

Main fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

Most changes are related to the identified problems, so you will discover that:
  • Zombies can break doors in hard difficulty mode, but only having a specific probability to do so, not always as before
  • The Mangrove slabs, stairs, and planks do not use the word “Wood” in the middle
    Minecraft PE

  • Wandering Traders do not spawn in lava and water anymore
  • The End Portal has a more complex name now, that is End Portal Frame
  • The speed of tadpoles who try to survive on land is different
  • Polar bears are acting normally when someone attacks them
  • Gold Armor will prevent piglins from being aggressive towards the players
  • Spectators can hover over specific places and players can easily place blocks there
  • The hands of spectators who hold things in both hands were fixed
  • All kinds of vines can pop up regardless of the ticking intensity
  • The newly-introduced music developed exclusively for the Wild Update plays when it should and does not stop playing randomly
  • Mobs dying near sculk catalyst do not have to have XP in order to trigger the bloom
  • Mangrove propagules do not drop items if their stage of growth does not allow this and they turn into different colors depending on the blocks placed next to them
  • Muddy Mangrove roots can be placed in different positions, even sideways
  • The process of traveling between the nether to the overworld using the portal was adjusted
  • Trees do not stop growing because of a bug related to leaves (mangrove and azalea)
  • The Health Boost works normally and its effects persist even after leaving and returning to the world
  • iOS users can use their middle mouse button during the gameplay
  • Zombie villagers that do not have jobs are not able to use minecarts and other transportation means
  • Ravagers can destroy more kids of blocks, for example, azaleas and hanging roots
  • Sculk sensors always react to the nearest block, even more of them are around but if the blocks emit these vibrations simultaneously, the sensors will react to the ones who emit vibrations with more density than others
  • The frequency with which sculk sensors react to TNT, Creeper, and End Crystals explosions, and fish being released is different
  • The data of dead mobs disappear from the world file for good
  • The game does not crash when traveling through dimensions and killing entities and teleporting simultaneously
  • The toggle switches have a new design that makes them easier to use
  • The tooltip of the pig that is rode was modified
  • Fisherman Villagers do not refuse to buy boats, regardless of the difficulty mode

We hope you will enjoy checking all these changes while playing, but be generous and do not forget about your friends while doing so.
Visit our website soon because we are pretty sure that the game developers are already working hard to release other new and interesting game versions. We also invite you to try our free maps, mods, and other content. Have fun!

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