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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Earlier this week we informed our website’s subscribers and guests about Minecraft PE 1.18.31: a full version of the Caves and Cliffs update that brought really important fixes, but today we will switch the subject because there is a new Wild Update beta to explore. Don’t miss Minecraft PE if you are curious to find out what other changes the game developers made.

Experimental features in Minecraft Bedrock

As you already know, all the Wild Update features have been removed from under the experimental toggle but the toggle is back again and now it activates a very cool possibility:
  • Spectator Mode. Even if it is still under development, you can already enjoy it and see what it represents. In this version, several bugs affecting it were fixed and the developers of Minecraft Bedrock will continue to improve it.

And now let us tell you about the most interesting features that will represent the final version of the Wild Update:
  • Music. Recently we started hearing new music representative of this grand update. Today you will even discover two brand-new music discs but to listen to them, you will have to collect fragments and craft them. The fragments are hidden in ancient city chests.
  • The Warden. This mob becomes more interesting to monitor and interact with each new beta. His ranged attack was modified and now no shield and no armor will be able to protect you from it. It also deals less damage now and its cooldown period was slightly modified. After dying, wardens will give a single piece of sculk catalyst. When distracted by arrows or other projectiles, wardens will become angrier than before. When bumped into by a mob, the warden will get angry too.
  • Sculk features. From now on, the shriekers and catalysts have a different blast resistance. Their sounds have been removed and fixed the broken ones. In general, these two features have been greatly improved. For example, the sensors can detect more vibrations. Another thing you should know about them is that now they can be pushed using a piston.
    Minecraft PE

  • The Mangrove Swamps. The best change done in relation to the new biome is that the mangrove wood found here can now be used to make smokers and campfires. Besides this, many fixes were done in relation to the mangrove propagule, trees, foliage, saplings, and so on.
  • The Allays. These flying mobs make more sounds now. In addition, you will be able to take the items held by them and add it to an already existing stack of items (of course, if it is a stackable kind of item)
  • Frogs, Froglights and Frogspawns. Now frogs have better behavior when eating and can easily pathfind on mud blocks. The froglights have improved breaking time, and map colors and they drop as they should. Flowing water is now able to break frogspawns.

This is everything about the Wild Update features, but the game developers also:
  • Stopped mobs from spawning on buttons
  • Made amethysts clusters placeable only on blocks that have bottom support
  • Made the tools changed on anvils work properly
  • Made the minecarts with chests and other similar minecarts shapeless
  • Made shulkers immune to fire damage and made them stand vertically when placed in any kind of vehicles
  • Improved the touch controls used when switching from the movement directions to jump
  • Corrected the direction of the sun on worlds with RTX
  • Made trader llamas breedable when given hay bales
  • Fixed a couple of crashes happening in villages and when interacting with villagers that had to deal with other players previously in case they were not connected

These and other several minor changes can be explored by installing the new beta. You can feel free to do this by clicking on the download button below and share the article with as many friends as you want.
Keep following us if you want to be the first to try the upcoming game versions. This will also give you the possibility to check the newest and most popular mods, texture packs, etc. have fun!

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