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Minecraft PE 1.18.31
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Minecraft PE 1.18.31

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This may surprise you, but the Mojang team released another full game version shortly after the release of Minecraft PE 1.18.30 which was a very big game update containing lots of changes, fixes, and technical updates. The new version, namely Minecraft PE 1.18.31, was developed because several issues have been detected since the previous one and naturally, they could not be ignored.

Fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

If you installed the previous version, you have probably noticed one or more bugs while using it. Well, other players did too and the most active ones have informed the game developers about them. As they always do, the developers reacted promptly and:
  • Fixed the furnace that used to give incorrect amounts of XP
  • Fixed the entities that used to vanish when moving them to chunks that were not fully loaded
  • Fixed a bug making the player’s screen turn black when using RTX on repeatedly loaded maps
  • Corrected the textures of blocks seen from big distances
  • Corrected the textures of flowing liquids, for example, lava
  • Stopped mobs from spawning on top of buttons
  • Worked on several situations when loading chunks could cause lags and other performance issues
  • Worked on the situations when certain maps failed to open after the player installed the previous full version
  • Made achievement “Sound of Music” available again
  • Made Marketplace accessible on all devices
  • Fixed a bug making the loading screen unresponsive when buying something from the Marketplace

As you can see from the list above, the MCPE developers had to deal with really serious problems, but happily, they succeeded and we can enjoy an even better gameplay now.
Minecraft PE 1.18.31

We are sure that new game versions are already under development, so follow our website if you want to find out about their release sooner than other users. You are also welcome to check our collections of popular maps, textures, and other Bedrock-related surprises and you can even share your favorite ones with your friends. Have fun!

Video trailer of Minecraft PE 1.18.31

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