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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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A new year has started and the MCPE developers are ready to continue their hard work and make our Bedrock experience more and more interesting. Minecraft PE represents the starting point and we must say it is a very successful one. Let’s see what it brings.

Experimental features of Minecraft Bedrock

Remember the article about Minecraft PE This is the beta that brought us the cute little mobs, namely the frogs. In the present beta, the game developers continue to work on their characteristics, and they:
  • Added sounds for their different actions
  • Corrected their panic speed
  • Introduced a panic goal for the tadpoles
  • Canceled the possibility to place glow lichen on frog eggs
  • Introduced froglight blocks. These are ochre, pearlescent, and verdant blocks. They can serve as light sources and you can get them by tempting the frogs near small magma cubes so they can eat them. The new blocks will drop from the frogs after they eat the magma cubes.
    Minecraft PE

You can enjoy these new possibilities by enabling the new Wild Update toggle.
Of course, the MCPE developers focused mostly on improving the frog-related features, but they have also:
  • Fixed a bug preventing entities in chunks from being saved properly when the player exists his/her gaming world
  • Fixed a crash happening when ceratin worlds/seeds generate around mesas
  • Corrected the brightness of glow lichens
  • Made iron ingots help iron golems in healing
  • Developed cracking degrees for the iron golems and they depend on the golems’ health state
  • Corrected the broken fox’s pounce animation
  • Fixed the bug making emerald icons appear above villagers while trading
  • Updated certain trade tables, for example, those of the wandering traders and other similar characters
  • Fixed a bug preventing the text-to-speech option from reading some experimental features correctly
  • Developed a new /damage command meant to allow players to deal damage to entities
  • Corrected commands /fill and /setblock when used in relation to cocoa beans
  • Corrected the placement of large dripstone features
  • Improved the generation of stalagmites (their varieties)
  • Fixed the bug preventing furnaces and smokers from giving XP as they did before
  • Made lava pools generate only above y=0 and those that generate near this level will be covered with
    stones and/or deepslates
  • Decided that corals should appear at a deeper level within warm oceans
  • Added more vegetation in grove biomes
  • Fixed a number of bugs related to lightblocks
  • Fixed the bug making the game lag when opening chests or when breaking certain blocks if there are many mobs around
  • Corrected the animation of flower and grass block breakage
  • Corrected the flower explosion breakage within snow
  • Fixed the bug making igloos appear with some missing blocks
  • Fixed the bug making water generate incorrectly in certain places
  • Fixed the bug making aquifers generate with some missing water blocks

Like they often do lately, the developers also made a number of technical updates.
If you want to find out more details about this beta, watch the video trailer below and when you are done exploring the new features, share the article with other players and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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