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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE 1.17.30 brought so many new features and amazing changes that it would take days and even weeks to explore them all fully, but we have another new version to present so after reading this article, you can take your time and try them both for as long as you want. This new version is a beta and it is called Minecraft PE

Bug fixes in Minecraft Bedrock

This time the developers focused mainly on the existing problems, but there are also a few nice surprises that you will find about by reading this article to the end. Let us start with the fixes:
  • The behavioral issues appearing when holding top snow and trying to hover over grass, flowers, or other blocks were resolved
  • The bee nest generation was corrected
  • Slimes and other mobs that can burn avoid pathfinding in lava and fire covered places now
  • Elytra now opens properly when the player flies upwards
  • Dyed Sign texts with formatted text color will replace the existing formatted color texts
  • Fossils will generate less often and this way their probability of destroying structures will be lower
  • Dungeons won’t be displaced anymore when the Caves and Cliffs experimental features are on
  • Iron golems will be able to spawn only on top of solid blocks now
  • The graphic problem making the crossbows held by pillagers invisible was resolved
  • The player will see the intended button prompt when riding a mob in case he/she uses non-touch controls
  • The right and the left arrows in the player’s profile screen will be displayed correctly
  • The Dressing Room featured catalog can be accessed as intended
  • The default color of clothes can be changed as intended after another item’s color was modified before that
  • The sidebars in the Character Creator were fixed and can be used as intended now
  • The Character Creator navigation flow was improved
  • The bug preventing players from applying skins from the Marketplace was fixed.

Several technical issues have also been fixed:
  • The bug making animations restart every time the render controllers are changes has been fixed
  • The bug making the text on signs lose formatting under certain circumstances has been fixed

And now it is time to reveal this beta’s most important features. Install the beta and you will discover that:
  • If you save the chunks located below y=o, you will open a totally new world and cave generation
  • The old flat MCPE worlds were also modified to match the new world generation and new flat worlds will generate from the y=-64 level
  • Now you will be able to fly higher, even above the height limits, even if this option was previously prohibited.

To enjoy these features, enable the Experimental Gameplay toggle.
Minecraft PE

Now that you have a lot of exploring to do given all the surprises provided by the MCPE developers in these two last game versions, we won’t take any more of your time but we would appreciate it if you could share this article with all your friends.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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