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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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It has been only several hours since we published the article about the previous beta, namely Minecraft PE Many of us didn’t even manage to explore all its features, but the MCPE developers are ready to invite us to try another game update, this time Minecraft PE

Changelog of Minecraft

This version does not bring any legendary new features, but instead, it contains a lot of bugfixes and even more technical updates.
We will start with the technical updates, but we will enlist only the most important ones because they may be interesting for the map makers and addon creators, but not so much for the ordinary players like most of us.
  • Renamed a few GameTest framework modules (GameTest and Minecraft)
  • Renamed a few functions (assertBlockTypePresent and assertEntityData)
  • Removed a number of functions among which assertEntityNotPresent and assertEntityNotTouching
  • Changed the signature for a number of functions among which assertEntityPresent and assertBlockPresent
  • Improved command /particle
  • Made data-driven blocks addable to the Creative menu

And now let’s get to the fun part of this beta and find out about the fixes:
  • A crash that used to occur when using the crafting table while the gameplay tips are enabled was fixed
  • The pasting of any unicode text in the book and quill was optimized
  • A bug making different parts of beds look not quite as they should when experimenting with light sources was fixed
  • A similar bug affecting large chests was fixed
  • The error of players suffering from fall damage when using end portals was fixed
  • The bug making projectiles that are relatively far from the player move weirdly was fixed
  • A content error appearing when the player holds a shield in the Marketplace was removed
  • The problem of players failing to place certain potions in the brewing stand was resolved
  • Zombies and other undead mobs not burning on certain sides of powdered snow
  • The bug making many shulkers spawn in the same spot when spawning from eggs was fixed
  • The problem of mobs failing to pathfind normally when on amethyst buds was resolved
  • A bug affecting the horses’ graphics when dismounting them was fixed
  • The issue of goats remaining without horns every time the player reloads the gaming world was resolved
  • The problem of lightning hitting mobs even if they are hidden under blocks was fixed
  • The offset hitbox of spore blossoms was corrected
  • The problem of moss blocks not dropping when pushed by a piston was resolved
  • The bug allowing players to fill cauldrons with potions using a dripstone in case there is already at least a bit of potion in the cauldron was fixed
  • The issue of the slowdown effect produced by honey and slime blocks not affecting the player’s movements was resolved
  • A bug making the emote wheel appear each time the user clicks on the CTRL+B buttons was fixed
  • The problem of the IME stopping its work when the user suspends his/her game was resolved
  • The problem of a wrong output message appearing when loading structures using the /structure command was fixed

Minecraft PE

Besides all these fixes, the Mojang team developed a special sidebar located in the related screens of the Dressing Room and Marketplace. This sidebar is meant to help players explore these areas more effectively and comfortably.
If you like this version’s features and you want to share the news about the release with your friends, feel free to do so. We would also be very happy if you could tell us about your opinion on it by leaving feedback.
Like we already know, there is always something new happening in the MCPE universe, so if you want to be up to date with the latest game versions, maps, textures, and other useful and interesting stuff related to this game, subscribe to our website and have fun!

Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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