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Minecraft PE

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When the Majong team developed Minecraft PE 1.17, they wanted to surprise us all with an incredible number of amazing new features including beautiful blocks, useful materials, and cool mobs. Naturally, after its release, the players and the game developers keep detecting minor and serious problems, but usually, they are easily resolved. Today, in Minecraft PE, you will notice that the most important work was done in the caves.

Changes in Minecraft

Unlike the last version that we talked about, that is Minecraft PE 1.17.10, this one is a beta version, so the builds created using it may be slightly unstable, but we still recommend you check it because you will experience something completely new. The developers thought that it would be a good idea to modify the way hostile mobs spawn. This was done so that players can explore the caves more safely because they will be able to see their way using any light sources and no hostile creature will spawn instantly to scare them out. In caves, the bad guys will be able to appear only when it’s completely dark. To test this important change, you will have to enable Experimental Gameplay.
Minecraft PE

Besides the hard work done in relation to this mob spawning process, the developers also managed to:
  • Cancel the ability to place amethyst clusters on grass paths
  • Modified the name of the Deepslate Lapis Ore. Now it is called Deepslate Lapis Lazuli Ore
  • Made dispensers delete bubble columns along with the water
  • Made sea pickles modify their color depending on their location
  • Made light torches melt snow
  • Canceled the ability of gravity blocks to break when falling on surfaces
  • Corrected the graphics of light blocks when they are held
  • Fixed a bug preventing the Keep Inventory gamerule from working normally
  • Resolved the problem of nether portals breaking when the player exits the nether dimension
  • Fixed the bug making shears cut glow lichen and vines too slowly
  • Resolved the problem of vines not growing correctly after being cut by the player
  • Fixed a graphical bug making the enchantment table look weird
  • Fixed a graphical bug affecting blocks when these are moved by pistons
  • Removed the ability of axolotls to spawn in bubble columns
  • Made armor stands drop equipped items in case they are affected by fire or other such phenomena
  • Modified the max number of phantoms spawning in the world
  • Added an impact3 sound for the goats
  • Resolved a few bugs preventing the recipe book from showing the correct estimated results
  • Removed the problem of a warning showing repeatedly when the player loads a beta world
  • Removed the recipes that cannot be crafted from the crafting book in case the player uses the search mechanism
  • Made nether blocks show in the crafting grid in case no other ingredient is available
  • Removed a message telling about a wireless connection in case the player is connected using a wire
  • Corrected several spelling mistakes in the Character Creator
  • Corrected several mistakes affecting the Japanese language in MCPE

In addition to all these changes and fixes, the developers also worked on the technical part of the game. We must admit this has become a kind of tradition lately, just like the process of fixing bugs.
We hope you will like this version and if you do, please leave feedback. We are especially interested in finding out your opinion on your new experience in the caves given the fact that the hostile mobs won’t bother you so often.
To find out about the upcoming game versions as soon as they are released, subscribe to our website and have fun!

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