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Minecraft PE 1.17.10
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Minecraft PE 1.17.10

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The last full version that was released by the Majong Studios team was Minecraft PE 1.17.2, but to be sincere, its contents disappointed us. It brought only one change (modified the ore generation). Minecraft PE 1.17.10 is also a full version but unlike the previous one, it contains an absolutely crazy number of bugfixes, technical updates, amazing new features, changes, and most importantly, it gives us the opportunity to take a sneak peek of the upcoming Caves and Cliffs update Part Two.

Whats new in Minecraft

Caves and Cliffs Part Two

Starting with the present release, you will be able to explore new features. They are actually planned to be officially introduced in the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update. To discover them all, you will have to enable them in your MCPE world creation screen. This way, you will discover:
  • That your gaming world has a different size. This means that it is higher above and deeper below the earth level
  • That ores are distributed differently than before
  • New amazing caves to explore, including flooded aquifer caves, spaghetti and cheese caves, as well as lava aquifers
  • New Lush and Dripstone cave biomes
  • Skulk sensors
  • Goat horns
  • New biomes that will appear on the world’s surface including mountain meadow, snowy slopes, snow-capped peaks, mountain groves, and lofty peaks biomes

We must warn you that since all the above-described features are new and on the experimental stage, they may present bugs and can even crush the game in some situations, but hopefully the game developers will make them more stable soon so we can enjoy them without fearing that they would affect our gameplay’s quality.

New non-experimental features

Some of the features may seem familiar to you because we have mentioned them in the articles about some previously-released betas. These are:
  • Candles
    Minecraft PE 1.17.10

  • Azalea and flowering azalea in flower pots

  • Spots for Realm worlds. Starting with this update, the Realm owner will have the opportunity to switch between worlds (three worlds slots)


This time, a lot of problems had to be dealt with, but we know about many of them from the articles on the previous betas. We will enlist the most serious actions done in this direction and the ones that you didn’t know аbout:
  • The bug preventing the underwater fog from modifying depending on the place it generates in was fixed
  • The problem preventing users from naming certain things on anvils when playing in split-screen was resolved
  • The bug making the player’s head move incorrectly when in the Character Creator was fixed
  • Several problems affecting the way buckets are used were fixed
  • Several bugs affecting the axolotl’s behavior were fixed
  • Several bugs affecting the goat’s behavior were fixed
  • The problem of skeletons transforming into strays at a wrong pace when walking through powder snow was fixed
  • The problem of tempted goats and other animals moving too slowly was resolved
  • A bug making evokers and other mobs that are usually neutral act aggressively when in peaceful game mode was fixed
  • A bug preventing stalactites from dealing damage to mobs in case they fall in any kinds of liquids was fixed
  • A bug preventing users from bonemealing azalea when it is on clay was fixed
  • The bug preventing water from destroying rooted dirt was fixed
  • The bug making blocks that fall on top of a lightning rod break was fixed
  • The bug making eggs and other projectiles cast shadows was fixed
  • The problems preventing the /replaceitem, /title clear, and /setblock commands from working correctly was fixed
  • The bug preventing users from lighting up black sign texts using glow ink sacs was fixed
  • The wrong position of glow and normal item frames, copper, and other things in the inventory was modified
  • A few problems affecting the Realms Plus timers were fixed

Technical updates

The number of technical updates by this version is also impressive. The best ones are:
  • Development of a better error handling for JSON parsing
  • The possibility giving addon creators and map makers the chance to develop bigger dialogues with branching narratives for NPCs
  • The animations and the rendering of donkeys, mules, horses, ender dragons, and other mobs are fully data-driven
  • Improved command /clearall. Now it can be used to clear tests even if they are not within the loaded areas
  • Many new events and improved existing ones

This is the most important information you should know about this full version. Please tell your friends about its release so they can enjoy it too and leave feedback letting us know what you think about its features.
Very soon we will let you know about a few new game betas, so subscribe to our website to be notified about them promptly. We also promise to keep you informed about the most popular texture packs, maps, and other game-related stuff. Have a good time!

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