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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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In the last several months we have noticed that the Mojang team is paying special attention to the technical side of the game. Almost every new version contains several technical updates. Take for example Minecraft PE released last week. This week’s beta, that is Minecraft PE also contains several such updates, but this does not mean that there aren’t any traditional game-related bugfixes.

Technical updates in Minecraft

If you are interested not only in the gameplay, but also in its technical side, or if you are an addon creator/mapmaker, install this version to discover that the developers:
  • Made the commands used in partially loaded map areas applicable as on fully loaded areas if the needed chunks are loaded
  • Made the commands that are applied through animations run in the order mentioned in the animation files
  • Renamed a number of helper methods (worldLocation, relativeLocation, relativeBlockLocation)
  • Introduced several new helper methods (spawnWithoutBehaviorsAtLocation, rotateDirection, getTestDirection)

Besides the above-listed technical work, the developers also:
  • Fixed a graphical issue making wolves look transparent on structure block screens
  • Introduced a new Corner mode for the structure blocks so that the players can set the areas they want to save using the Save mode’s Detect Button
  • Removed the compasses and clocks seen by the player when using the recipe book
  • Fixed a graphical issue affecting sign texts when RTX is enabled
  • Fixed a crash happening when placing blocks on not fully loaded areas and deleting them

Minecraft PE

Congratulations! Now you know everything about the newest beta and it is time to install and try it, but first make sure you have made a copy of your existing game world because you may lose it after installing
Let other players know that you are a good friend by sharing the news about this release with them and leave feedback to let us know what you think about the new features.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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