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Minecraft PE

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The previously released beta, that is Minecraft PE was not a very complex version, but even so, it contained many interesting changes and even a very cool new feature: candles. Minecraft PE’s feature list is even shorter, but do check it because the carried-out changes are pretty important.

Features of Minecraft

This game update brings only six changes. These are:
  • The bug making diorite generate in a too large amount in the gaming world was corrected
  • The bug making andesite generate in a too large amount in the gaming world was corrected
    Minecraft PE

  • Like the developers warned us last time, the game may crash when using candles in certain situations. The most active fans noticed that this started happening when lighting them from a specific angle. This problem was resolved.
  • Another crash happening when the player placed a structure in a place that isn’t fully loaded and deleted the structure was also fixed
  • A bug making players take incorrect coordinates in the Nether dimension was fixed.
  • A bug making fertilized grass produce a wrong number of plants was fixed

Dear players, this is all you will discover by installing this beta, but please don’t forget to back up your existing builds before doing this because otherwise, you risk losing them.
Be a good friend and share the news about the described-above release with other MCPE users and leave feedback.
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