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Minecraft PE

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Being our website’s subscriber is good if you are an active player and you want to be always informed about the news affecting Minecraft PE. This week, the Majong Team developers released Minecraft PE, but they warn us that it is not available on devices working on Android. If you are one of such users, do not get upset because this beta is compatible with multiplayer in the previously released one, that is Minecraft PE, so you won’t have to miss your friends until a new version appears.

New features in Minecraft

This version brings only two minor new features:
  • Potted azalea
  • Potted flowering azalea
    Minecraft PE

The rest of the work was done around the existent issues affecting our gameplay, so:
  • A crash happening when players break blocks in case the experimental toggles are enable was fixed
  • The way diamonds generate was corrected
  • The issue making the glow lichen drop incorrect items when cut with shears was resolved
  • The issue preventing ice blocks from being found or placed with commands was resolved
  • The outdated DisplayNameItemComponent documentation was updated
  • The issue preventing items from resetting their enchantment penalty after being disenchanted with grindstones was resolved
  • The problem of underwater fog looking the same in all the biomes was resolved
  • The broken farmer pumpkin trade was corrected
  • The bug not letting jukeboxes eject disks on blocks that are not solid was fixed
  • The bug making baby donkeys, mules, and horses render with their bodies shorter than normal was fixed
  • The issue preventing amphibious animals from pathfinding across slabs was resolved
  • The bug making glow squids turn black when attacked was fixed
  • The problem of goats not being able to ram when on honey/slime blocks was resolved
  • The problem making strays drop wither skeleton skulls after being killed by creepers was resolved
  • A glitch allowing players to float in the air was fixed
  • A bug making baby turtles despawn when hatched was fixed
  • A misspelled word in the “how to play” section was corrected
  • The bug preventing the Text Background Opacity slider from being reset when using the Reset to Default button in the UI accessibility settings was fixed
  • The counters of the empty tabs in the Play screen being black instead of displaying 0 were fixed

The MCPE developers, along with some very active and responsible players, detected several Java parity issues, so they:
  • Removed the possibility to dye texts in Adventure game mode
  • Limited the frequency of using ink sacs on signs in Adventure
  • Introduced the possibility to lit black texts on signs using glow ink sacs
  • Made the glowing texts on signs outlined
  • Modified the goat’s fall damage reduction
  • Modified the goat’s moving speed when it is tamed
  • Modified bastion loots

Besides everything described above, the developers also managed to carry out a number of technical updates, for example how blocks are handled in APIs. They also made the animations and rendering of horses, donkeys, mulls and other horse variants are fully data-driven.
Dear player, share the news about this week’s release with all your friends and leave feedback.
Continue to follow us and we will keep you informed about other upcoming releases and about the newest texture packs, mods, and other surprises meant to make our Minecraft PE experience more interesting! Have fun!

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