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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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After finishing Minecraft Bedrock that we talked about last week, the game developers were assaulted with a lot of proposals and complaints coming from the most active game users. As they always do, they reacted promptly and developed Minecraft Bedrock where they tried to fulfill all the requests. They also found enough time to make many useful technical updates.

Features in Minecraft

Download and install this caves and Cliffs update and you will discover that:
  • The thunderstorm frequency was modified to match the Java edition of the game
  • You will get a water bucket after feeding axolotls with a tropical fish bucket
  • The axolotl hitbox size was modified
  • Axolotls won’t move their tails as they did before when acting as if they are dead
    Minecraft PE

  • Axolotls are attacked by guardians, elder guardians, and drowned
  • You can bone meal azalea on clay
  • The bug making azalea drop incorrect items when pick blocked was fixed
  • The copper ore, deepslate, and glow item frame locations in the Creative inventory were modified
  • Hanging roots are sensible to water and get easily destroyed by it
  • The blocks that fall on top of lightning rods won’t break
  • The rooted dirt texture’s behavior was slightly modified
  • There is a new Equip Button that can be used to equip and seeitems in the Character Creator
  • The Capes Tab and the Classic skins in the Character Creator have a new button: Equip
  • Command /title clear works as it should
  • The bug preventing split-screen users from renaming objects on Anvil was fixed
  • Eggs and other projectiles do not cast shadows anymore
  • The floating height of the dropped items was modified and now it is the same for all of them
  • The data-driven blocks that do not target blocks swing faster than before
  • Small dripleaves drop their own items when sheared
  • The skeleton-stray transformation process when in powder snow was reduced to twenty seconds
  • Powder snow cannot be destroyed by burning mobs when mob griefing is not enabled
  • The settings menu contains a new accessibility button

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the game developers also succeeded to carry out a number of technical updates. The most important ones are:
  • The rendering and the animations of ender dragons and crystals were made fully data-driven
  • The json parsing have a better error handing now
  • Command /clearall is able to clear tests even outside the loaded areas

Unfortunately, there is one problem that the developers did not manage to solve yet. This is a crash occurring if the Experimental Features are enabled and the player breaks blocks. This is why we should avoid playing in worlds with the experimental toggle for now, but don’t worry because we are sure that this issue will be fixed very soon.
These are the most noticeable changes and fixes carried out this week. For more detailed information about this game update, we invite you to watch the video trailer below.
Before installing this version, don’t forget to back up your existing worlds (in order to avoid losing them) and to share the news about its release with all your friends.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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