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Minecraft PE

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Dear friends, we hope you didn’t miss Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.220 that was the latest full version. If you are done with exploring it, it is time to switch to another new game update, this time Minecraft Bedrock beta.
In this version, you will find a lot of bugfixes. A great majority are focusing on errors affecting the most recent features, for example powdered snow and axolotls.
You will learn about everything the MCPE developers carried out this week, but before doing that, please remember that we are exploring a beta again, this meaning that you cannot play in Realms and with non-beta players as long as you keep it installed. To avoid losing your existent worlds when installing the beta, please make copies.

New features in Minecraft

Fixes done in relation to the new features:

  • Many users noticed that the leashes did not get attached as they should to axolotls. This issue was fixed.
  • Axolotls and glowing squids can now spawn in other kinds of waters, not only in oceans but very deep
  • The placement of polished and normal deepslate in the inventory was corrected
  • The texture mapping of pointed dripstones was corrected
  • A bigger amount of water will now drop from pointed dripstones
  • A bigger amount of lava will now drop from pointed dripstones
  • Lakes generating under the ground will have glow lichen growing on their walls now
  • The texture-related problem making leads attached to ordinary and glowing squids look incorrectly was corrected
  • The problem causing hanging roots to drop incorrectly when the user breaks them using a silk touch enchanted tool was corrected
  • The problem preventing big dripleafs from breaking entirely when the user breaks just a part was corrected
  • Dripleaf items will drop as a result of breaking dripleaf stems
  • Fertilizing moss will result in plants growth
  • Players can start composting both big and small dripleafs
  • Different plants won’t grow around moss when this is bonemealed
  • Players can now fertilize azalea trees and this will result in azalea growing on them
  • The wrong behavior of striders when leaving water was corrected
  • Players can now equip their horses with leather armor to protect them from freezing in snow
  • Characters that are comfortable in hot weather, for example striders, will get a more serious freeze damage when interacting with snow/ice
  • Snow golems won’t freeze anymore
  • Strays won’t freeze anymore
  • Polar bears won’t freeze anymore
  • From now on, it will take seven seconds for an entity to freeze completely and if it is already frozen, it will take such damage every few seconds, which is more often than before
  • The vertical movement speed of mobs when walking within powder snow was increased
  • Players will need more time than before to mine powdered snow
  • Entities equipped with leather boots will sink in powder snow in case they fall from a big height
  • Entities on fire will melt snow when walking on it and the fire will extinguish gradually
  • Fully-frozen mobs will shake now
  • Players who stand around powder snow will notice a mysterious fog generation
  • Dripstone blocks became craftable using pointed dripstones
  • Players can look for glowing berries in abandoned mineshafts now
  • Wandering traders will start trading pointed dripstones, and other things that have been added recently (see previously released betas in our Download Minecraft section)
  • Players will be able to find moss in shipwrecks

Other bugfixes:

  • The error preventing the bobbing option from being stopped after disabling this option was corrected
  • The behavior of zombie villagers when being cured was corrected
  • The problem making you spawn in places that are not safe when you enter a new MCPE world was corrected
  • A bug affecting command/stopsound was fixed
  • The problem preventing the loaded creeper’s aura from rendering as it should was fixed
  • The problem preventing paintings from rendering was fixed
  • The visibility and colors of waters were improved
  • If attempting to put blocks below the admitted building limit, players will get a special prompt.

This release also contains good changes done in regards to the technical aspect of the game:
  • The existing interfaces were updated
  • New interfaces have been added (pulseRedstone, assertEntityTouching, and others)

Minecraft PE

Dear friends, this is all we had to tell you about this update. Please share the news about its release with all your friends and leave feedback.
As you can notice every time, our website is among the first to publish news about the latest updates, so follow us. This way you will also get the chance to try a lot of free maps, textures, and other surprises. Have fun!

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