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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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With the realease of Minecraft PE, the Mojang team is gradually introducing new Experimental Features including awesome new blocks, plants, and most importantly, new mobs for us to enjoy and interact with. Today, in Minecraft PE, there is another new mob for us to meet, but this is not the only surprise!

New mob in Minecraft

If you are our subscriber and you are regularily trying the free mods and other MCPE downloads we are proposing to you, perhaps you are already familiar with the cutie that the MCPE developers introduced this time, because we already published an article about it, that is Addon Axolotls Replica Concept. Well, now this new character is living in our worlds officially. Oxolotls may spawn either underground or in waters. There are different colors of oxolotls, but the rarest ones are the blue ones which do not spawn in a natural way but are the result of breeding to other oxlotls. Anyway, the chance to obtain a blue one is rather low. The oxlotls are aggressive, but not towards players. They prefer hunting fish and other underwater- leaving creatures. Oxolotls cannot live on the ground. When on land, they dry out very quickly, this process taking up to a few minutes, but if you are fast enough, you may save it by rehydrating it again. If you want to pick them up, you will need a bucket, because this can be done like in the process of catching fish. Their most distinctive feature is that they can fake their death. They usually do this when they take damage. While faking, their health regenerates and they cannot be spotted by other kinds of mobs. Players can tempt oxolotls with tropical fish buckets and bred with the same thing. Unfortunately, these creatures cannot be tamed, but we hope the developers will do something about this in the near future.
Minecraft PE

This is all we had to tell you about the newly-born mob, but as we already mentioned, there are more surprises for you to explore! A lot of new blocks have been introduced in our Bedrock worlds. These are:
  • Deepslate blocks
  • Cobbled deepslate blocks, walls, stairs, and of course, slabs
  • Polished deepslate blocks, and the above-mentioned variants
  • Deepslate tiles and the above-mentioned variants
  • Deepslate bricks, and the above-mentioned variants
  • Deepslate iron, coal, redstone, lapis, gold, diamond, copper, and emerald ores
  • Cracked deepslate bricks and tiles
  • Chiseled deepslate blocks

To find deepslate, you will have to look for it below the y=16 layer.
Besides the development of all these new features, there are also the traditional bugfixes and tweaks:
  • From now on, players won’t be able to feed farm animals continuously
  • From now on, rabbits will eat carrots again, their behavior being fixed
  • The visibility of the underwater, regardless of their origins, was improved
  • Players can now wax already oxidized copper blocks and all their variants
  • Pointed dripstones that previously used to break incorrectly when pushed by a piston, were fixed
  • The sounds played when someone walks on dripstones were fixed
  • From now on, you can look for glowing lichen in your nature section in Creative
  • The bug preventing the lightning rod from activating observers normally when they should was fixed
  • Big dripleafs are waterloggable now and they will unlit as they should if hit with projectiles
  • Small dripleafs can be placed in many places now, but there is one condition: their stems should be underwater
  • From now on, you will have the possibility to block water using moss blocks
  • The bug preventing players from placing certain blocks (for example fire, vines, and signs) on moss was fixed
  • The issue preventing spore blossoms from dropping as they should when sheared was resolved
  • The issue preventing mobs from pathfinding across moss was resolved
  • The lush caves are even richer now because the MCPE developers added jungle vines there
  • Several minor bugs affecting the screen reader were fixed
  • The position of the trident when held either by players or by mobs was corrected
  • Catching fish using a bucket is possible again

Dear friends, if you are interested in the technical part of Minecraft Bedrock, you will find several bugfixes carried out in that direction too, but for more information, we suggest you watch the video trailer.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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