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Minecraft PE
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Minecraft PE

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Minecraft PE is definitely more than just an ordinary game update, because, in addition to the traditional crash and bugfixes, it brings several new features that allow us to take a sneak peek into some details planned for an upcoming full game version. The most important ones are the introduction of a new mob, which is the Goat, new Powder Snow blocks, and new experimental features called Caves and Cliffs.

Changes in Minecraft Bedrock

Because we are sure you can’t wait to find out more about the new features, we will start with them:
  • The new mob is the Goat. To activate the apparition of this funny animal, you will have to enable the Experimental Features Toggle (we will talk about this feature later). For now, the goats will live only in hills, but the MCPE developers promise to find a more comfortable place for them soon. Because mountains their favorite environment, they climb easily, even on rough terrain, and don’t get too much fall damage. Even if they look cute, climb and jump a lot, the goats can be dangerous. They can kick anyone off the mountain, so be aware. In case the goat bumps into a tree, it drops horns.

  • Powder Snow blocks. This is the second cool new feature brought by this beta. These blocks can be obtained from the creative inventory, but only after enabling the same experimental option as for the goats. Players and mobs can enter these blocks, but this makes them move slower than usual. To walk easier, the player can wear leather boots. Because we just mentioned the goats, they do not like this kind of snow and avoid it when pathing.
  • Experimental Features Toggle. Starting with this update, the players can enable experimental features. These options are actually sneak peeks of the features planned for upcoming versions.

In addition to the mentioned-above features, the developers had to fix a lot of problems affecting our gameplay:
  • Several crashes occurring when using portals, when flying, and in other in-game moments were resolved
  • Several errors affecting the UI screen and not letting it read titles were resolved
  • Several errors affecting the UI screen and not letting it read shortcut buttons were resolved
  • Several errors affecting the screen reader, impeding it from working properly were resolved
  • The bug preventing End Portal blocks from being removed when End Portal Frame is broken
  • The bug not letting the users rotate the paper doll with the cursor was resolved
  • A bug occurring when the user reloads the MCPE world and making double chests lose their content was resolved
  • A bug making cocoa beans generate in an incorrect direction was resolved
  • The problem making compasses consumed in case the player uses them on a ledstone was resolved
  • Signs will not replace decorations if both of them are in the same spot
  • Snow blocks won’t get destroyed if the player clicks on them while holding a shovel
  • Now, if the player uses a shovel on dirt and other similar blocks, he/she can make dirt paths
  • The MCPE developers improved the leggings made of Netherite
  • Starting with the present beta, villagers stop stealing workstations from one another
  • The bug making specific mobs stop instantly while attacking someone was resolved
  • In case there is an item on the ground between two piglins, they won’t be able to pick it up
  • From now on, Wither roses do not represent a place for spawning
  • Bees will use only the front of the bee nest or beehive when exiting
  • The texture of the Zombified Piglins was improved
  • If you are using a controller, you will notice that there is no X button in the chat anymore
  • Now the players will be able to place block models in special block folders
  • In case there isn’t too much space for more than one mob in a solid object, these mobs won’t get teleported randomly to and fro the object

Dear friends, these are the most important changes brought to us by this new game update. If you want to try it, click on the button below the video trailer to download it, share the article with other Bedrock users, and leave feedback.
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Video Trailer of Minecraft PE

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