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Map Epic Kit PvP 2.0 Beta 1.12
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Map Epic Kit PvP 2.0 Beta 1.12

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It has been a while since we haven’t published PvP maps, so why not today? Map Epic Kit PvP 2.0 Beta is a great way to have fun with your Minecraft friends and see who is the strongest.

How to play at map Epic Kit PvP 2.0 Beta

This game can be played by up to five MCPE users, but a minimum of two is required.
Right after entering the world, you will see a Play button. Press it and let the adventure begin.

You will be transferred to a lobby where you will have to wait for the rest of the players to join you (or they will be waiting for you). There you will see a bar where the number of available players is indicated. If the number is ok with all of you, a button to press will show up.

Do this and get teleported to the next room: a place where you and your comrades can pick a game mode. Unfortunately, the map has only one available for the moment, and this is the Deathmatch. Choose it and let’s go further.

Next, you will have the possibility to pick a hero and a fighting kit. For the moment, there are thirteen available heroes and kits to choose from. Among them are: the Assasin which is able to kill all his opponents easily, the Scavenger that moves fast and has the ability to walk on the water surface, the Viper that has poisonous arrows to shoot at his enemies and the Angel who flies has a very strong bow.

When you are done with choosing your kit and hero, get to the following room where you can choose a map to play.

Finally, it is time to fight! Each player has five lives. If you lose all of them, you can sit back and watch the other players fight. The last survivor becomes the winner. After the winner is announced, the game resets to the beginning and you can take it over!

Note: Map Epic Kit PvP 2.0 Beta works only on MCPE 1.12 and later versions. You can download any MCPE versions in our Download Minecraft section.
To download the described map, press the button below the article, invite your friends and leave feedback.
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