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Map Underground Village 1.11
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Map Underground Village 1.11

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Map Underground Village gives you an opportunity to feel yourself a small lodger of the underground city. Lots of interesting buildings and beautiful decorations await you! A new design of buildings will impress you, so don’t waste time and go to explore this fair city!

Features of map Underground Village

The underground village will likely appear in one of the farther updates, so this design may not match the Mojang design. Nevertheless, you’ll get your dose of satisfaction playing on this map. lots of villagers will help you with all the needed resources, so you won’t have to walk around looking for some rare ones.
Download map Underground Village

Download map Underground Village

An interesting system of railways allows visiting any house of the village easily. All you need is to sit into the minecart and begin moving. Stop the minecart when it’s needed and enter any building.
The village is not so large, but you can use your fantasy and add more buildings, railroads and decorations!
Download map Underground Village for Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.11 for Android by the link below and enjoy playing with friends. Leave feedback and visit the other great sections with new Mods , Skins, Seeds and Texture Packs for Minecraft 1.11.

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