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Map of Korea 1.11
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Map of Korea 1.11

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For the start, Map of Korea provides us with a working basis in the form of the country’s map surrounded by the ocean. There is nothing on it except plain land, so you will have the freedom to develop it at your like for mini-games or just for the sake of building your individual city.

How does map of Korea work

Initially you are going to spawn in a villager’s house located on Jeju Island. As soon as you exit it, you are going to see the Korean map and the signs related to it, that is a line dividing the South Korea from the North Korea, two lanterns showing their capitals (Seoul and Pyongyang), and of course the ocean around the country. You can use the present map to play Korean War with your friends or to establish your own city. The good thing about the fact that the map is surrounded only by water is that you can expand it or modify it as you wish.
Map of Korea

Korean Demilitarized Zone

Important! Map of Korea is available only for the latest versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition, starting with Minecraft 1.11.0. You can download this one or any other version by visiting our website.
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