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Map Pada's Laboratory 1.17
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Map Pada's Laboratory 1.17

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Like we all know, amat victoria curam. This means that victory requires preparation and this involves hard training, dedication, and time. If you are planning to become an absolute winner in PvP games, for example in Map SkyWars Pascua, you need special places and tools to train different abilities, and Map Pada's Laboratory provides everything necessary for this.

How does map Pada's Laboratory work

This map represents a great laboratory that contains several different training mini-maps. Each of them can be used to improve different skills, for example aiming at targets and shooting and parkouring.
Below you can see what abilities you can train using the available mini-maps:
  • Block Clutching (you will be given an infinite number of blocks and enderpearls)
    Map Pada's Laboratory 1.17

  • Aiming and shooting with objects (you will be given infinite eggs and snowballs to throw at a target)

  • Speed Bridging (you will be challenged to get a better score every time you play)

  • Block extension (you will be challenged to survive without falling while holding blocks in your hand)

  • Parkouring (you will be allowed to place only two blocks and you should make your best to get to a target block)

  • Treasure Breaking (you will have to kill a target in the middle of the map while being surrounded by hostile zombies that will try to destroy you)

  • Bow Aiming (you will be given a bow and arrows and you will have to shoot at a target)

If your wish to win in PvP games is strong and you want to feel the taste of victory and impress your friends, download this map by clicking on the button below this article.
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