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Map Withered Cells 1.17
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Map Withered Cells 1.17

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Dead Cells is a popular video game where the player has the task to fight his way out of a dungeon. The map we invite you to try today is called Map Withered Cells and the map maker who is J0S714 got inspired by this game while developing it.

Features of map Withered Cells

This map contains four huge areas with a lo of challenges that you will have to go through. During the gameplay, you will have to face many dangerous monsters including two bosses. Absolutely every enemy you will be attacked by will also give you a special effect. To make things a little bit easier the map maker introduced different weapons that you can find and use against the monsters, a new jumping mechanic, a health potion, and several accessibility options.
Map Withered Cells 1.17

This game may be played in two modes: Normal and Hard. Choose the one that is most suitable for you taking into account your temper and experience.
In case you get killed, you will have to start it all over.

We are sure you will enjoy this map, so don’t lose any more time and hit the download button below the video trailer.
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Video Trailer of Map Withered Cells

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