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Map Escape From The Mind II 1.17
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Map Escape From The Mind II 1.17

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Does your life in Minecraft PE seem too peaceful? If it is, we have a fascinating surprise for you! The second part of the popular Map Escape From The Mind was released and waits for you to try it. This map is called Map Escape From The Mind II.

How to play at map Escape From The Mind II

The plot of this game is as follows: after defeating Herobrine which is one of the scariest creepy-pasta characters, you discover that you are standing in the same spot in the woods where he used to keep you captured several years ago. People from the village started disappearing again and you wander whether Herobrine managed to somehow stay alive and continues his dreadful activity. Your aim is to return to the castle and find out what is happening this time.
Map Escape From The Mind II 1.17

We must warn you that this map contains a lot of blinding lights, loud and scary sounds, jumpscares, and other elements that will make you tremble with fear.
If you are ready to go through this nightmare again, hurry and hit the download button below the article, but first, make sure you have already installed Minecraft PE 1.17 or a later version.
If you want to take a sneak peek of the map, you will find a video trailer below.
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Video Trailer of Map Escape From The Mind II

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