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Texture Pack 1×1 1.13
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Texture Pack 1×1 1.13

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If the game performance is more important than how your worlds look, Texture Pack 1×1 is a very effective pack, minimizing most of the textures to their lower resolution possible, that is 1 x 1.

How does Texture Pack 1×1 work

If you don’t use a relatively high-performance device and you want to increase your game performance and to avoid lags, Texture Pack 1×1 will do the work by minimizing the textures to a very low resolution: 1 pixel x 1 pixel.

Moreover, this pack does not require the usage of a new game version like most of the downloads featured on our website do.
We hope this pack will be helpful, so, if you want to install it, click on the download button below the article, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
For other new textures, visit us. Here you will find dozens of cool maps, mods, and, of course, the latest game versions. Have a nice Minecraft Bedrock experience!
Current version:
Download Texture Pack 1×1 [404.35 Kb] (Downloads: 48)

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