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Texture Pack H SHIELDS : MOBS 1.13
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Texture Pack H SHIELDS : MOBS 1.13

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Our Textures section already introduced several cool solutions to make your in-game shield nicer and more special. Addon Gl17’s Custom Shields gives you the possibility to decorate them with weather elements like flame and breeze, Resource Pack Custom Shield makes your shield wooden and round like the ones owned by Vikings and so on. Today we have another option for your shields: to decorate them with your fav mob’s face. This can be done thanks to Texture Pack H SHIELDS : MOBS.

Features of Textures H SHIELDS : MOBS

After a lot of hard work and periodical updates, this pack now contains a big number of mob face pictures that can be used to decorate your shield. Some of the available shields have an additional border to make them look even nicer.

Available shields:

  • Skeleton Shield
  • Zombie Shield
  • Creeper Shield
  • Villager Shield
  • Turtle Shield
  • Pig Shield
  • Llama Shield
  • Sheep Shield
  • Chicken Shield
  • Wolf Shield
  • Shulker Shield
  • Enderman Shield
  • Illager Shield
  • Drowned Shield
  • Wandering Trader Shield
  • Phantom Shield
  • Fox Shield
  • Snow Fox Shield
  • Zombie Villager Shield
  • Iron Golem Shield
  • Snow Golem Shield
  • Wither Shield

Pick what shield you would like to use, click on the download button and let the adventure start!

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