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Texture Pack Anti-Blindness 1.13
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Texture Pack Anti-Blindness 1.13

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There isn’t much you can do while suffering from a blindness effect or while exploring a foggy underwater space, but Texture Pack Anti-Blindness was developed to resolve such issues.

How does Texture Pack Anti-Blindness work

This resource pack was developed to diminish the blindness effect so that the player is able to go on with his/her Minecraft activity, even if such an effect affects him/her.

Besides the above-mentioned advantage, the pack also removes the effect of the underwater fog.

Important! Do not use Texture Pack Anti-Blindness with any shaders, because this pack is actually a shader itself and everything is just perfect just as it was developed.
If you want to be able to go on with your MCPE activity without facing any issues caused by the blindness effect, use the download button below, share the article with your friends and leave feedback.
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