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Texture Pack God Of War 1.13
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Texture Pack God Of War 1.13

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God of War is a very popular mythology-based video game series. Texture Pack God of War is a resource pack designed to bring some items, weapons and other things related to this game into your Minecraft PE world.

Features of Textures God of War

With this resource pack, some of the things (mainly weapons) in your world will be replaced with other things inspired by the God of War video game.

With these textures, you will benefit from the following things:
The barbarian hammer
The God of War sword
The Blade of Olympus
The Blade of Judgment
The Blade of Chaos
The Leviathan Axe: replaces the custom trident. The player can either throw it or hit his/her enemies with it. It also maintains its loyalty enchantment but slightly modified as to match the one in God of War.

The Guardian Shield: replacing the vanilla one.

In addition to the above-listed weapons, the texture pack also changes the crosshair to look similar to the one in the God of War game.

And the list of features does not end here: the Iron golem was also changed.

If you are ready to try Texture Pack God of War, download it by clicking on the button below, share it with your friends and leave feedback.
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